2016-17 Bodleian Libraries Visiting Fellows

Bahari Visiting Fellows in the Persian Arts of the Book

NASRIN ASKARI [Jun 2016--Nov 2016] Postdoctoral Research and Teaching Fellow, Department of Asian Studies, University of British Columbia. Elite Folktales: An Exquisite Sixteenth-Century Illustrated Manuscript in the Ouseley Collection of the Bodleian Library. Bodcast video on Elite Folktales: An Exquisite Sixteenth-Century Persian Illustrated Manuscript in the Bodleian Library’s Ouseley Collection

ANITA CHOWDRY [Sep 2016-–Apr 2017, split visit] Independent Scholar, London. Making Masterpieces for a Prince of the Black Sheep (see project blog)

ZAHRA TAHERI [Nov 2016-–Jan 2017] Lecturer and Persian Program Convener, The Centre for Arab and Islamic Studies, Australian National University. The Depiction of Women in Persian Ethical Texts. Bodcast video of Rumi, His Life, Work and Poetry event

ADEELA QURESHI [Feb 2017--Aug 2017] Independent Researcher, UK, MS Douce or. A.1: A Study of its Paintings, Calligraphy and Borders  

The Royal Bank of Canada Foundation-Bodleian Visiting Fellows

LORNA CLARK [Apr 2017-–Jun 2017] Research Adjunct Professor, Carleton University, Ottawa. The Letters of Charles Burney, Vol 2. Event listing of RBC Foundation-Bodleian Visiting Fellow Lecture on A Family Culture of Creativity: 'Memoranda of the Burney Family'

JILL SHEFRIN [Jan 2017–-Apr 2017] Senior Research Associate in Arts, Trinity College, University of Toronto. ‘A Delightful Recreation for the Industrious’: A Bibliographical and Historical Study of English Writing Blanks, c. 1660–c. 1860. Event listings of RBC Foundation-Bodleian Visiting Fellow Lecture on 'A Vivid Interest in...Public Characters': Children and the News in the Long 18th Century, and colloquium on Disseminated and Re-circulated: Popular Culture in Script and Print. Guest blog on Flourish’d Pieces, for School-Boys to Write in

Sassoon Visiting Fellows

JANA DAMBROGIO [Aug 2016] Thomas F. Peterson Jr (1957) Conservator, MIT Libraries, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Unlocking History (see Bodleian blog about letterlocking)

MARINA DETORAKI [May 2017] Assistant Professor of Byzantine Philology, University of Crete. The Barozzi Collection of the Bodleian Library: Research on the History of the Collection

WILL EAVES [Aug 2016–-Oct 2016] Associate Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies, University of Warwick. Messages from the Unseen World [a novel]

XAVIER ESPLUGA [Aug 2016–-Sep 2016] Professor Agregat, University of Barcelona. Felice Feliciano’s First Collection of Letters (Oxford, ms Canon. Ital. 15)

CAMERON HAZLEHURST [Aug 2016] Adjunct Professor, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University. A Premier’s Last Days: The Hopes, Distractions, and Dissimulations of H. H. Asquith in November and December 1916

GIULIA PERUCCHI [Jul 2017-–Aug 2017] Editor, Salerno Editrice, Italy. Latin Works by Petrarch in the Bodleian Library

ROSEMARY WALL [Jan 2017--Jul 2017, split visit] Lecturer in Global History, University of Hull. War, Humanitarianism and the British Red Cross (see Bodleian blog on the 'War, Health and Humanitarian' symposium)

RACHEL WAMSLEY [Jun 2017–-Aug 2017] Postdoctoral Fellow, Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Unstable Exegesis: Scripture and Textuality in Early Modern Europe. Bodcast video on Tanakh and Textuality

Byrne-Bussey Marconi Fellows 

NOAH ARCENEAUX [Jun 2017--Jul 2017] Associate Professor, School of Journalism & Media Studies, University of San Diego. Wireless Telegraphy: Commercial Uses Prior to 1920. Bodcast video on Marconi and Media History

JOANNA WALEWSKA [Sep 2016–-Oct 2016] Assistant Professor, Philological Faculty, Nicolaus Copernicus University, Torun. Waves of Capital Interfered: Marconi Wireless and the Nationalization of the Radio Engineering Industry in Post-war Poland

Humfrey Wanley Fellows

BERNARD MEEHAN [Oct 2016-–Nov 2016] Head of Research Collections and Keeper of Manuscripts, The Library of Trinity College Dublin. Insular Manuscripts in the Bodleian Collections

FRANCESCA TANCINI [Nov 2016-–Jan 2017] Curator Librarian, Federico Zeri Foundation, University of Bologna Art Library. Keys to Colour Printing: Walter Crane and Edmund Evans in the Bodleian Libraries. Event listing of lecture on Keys to Colour Printing: Toy Books and Yellowbacks in the Bodleian 

David Walker Memorial Fellows in Early Modern History

LIESBETH CORENS [Aug 2016–-Sep 2016] Junior Research Fellow, Jesus College, University of Cambridge. Creating Counter-Archives: English Catholic Record Collecting, c. 1660-1720

EMMA PERKINS [Sep 2016–-Oct 2016] Affiliated Scholar, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge. Instruments of Self-presentation: Tycho Brahe and his Astronomical Legacy

CHRISTOPHER THOMPSON [Sep 2016–-Oct 2016] Senior Research Fellow, Humanities Research Institute, University of Buckingham. Walter Yonge’s Diaries of Proceedings in the Long Parliament 1642-1645

Carr-Thomas-Ovenden Fellow in English Literature

HAZEL WILKINSON [Oct 2016-–Dec 2016] Junior Research Fellow in English, Fitzwilliam College, University of Cambridge. The Wild Court Press, 1718–85

Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellow in Music

LAURA ALBIERO [Sep 2016–-Nov 2016] Researcher, Institut de Recherche et d’Histoire des Textes (Paris). Redrawing the History of the Breviary

Renaissance Society of America (RSA) Visiting Fellows 2016

LAURA ESTILL [Jul 2016-–Aug 2016] Assistant Professor, Department of English, Texas A&M University. Collecting Plays, Creating Canon: How Book Collectors Shaped our Understanding of Early Modern Theatre

ALEXANDRA MARRACCINI [Oct 2016–-Dec 2016]  PhD Candidate, Department of Art History, University of Chicago. Unfolded Worlds: Allegory, Alchemy, and the Image as Structure of Knowledge in Early Modern Northern European Scientific Books

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