Printing, Copying and Scanning (PCAS)

Introduction to PCAS

Copying and printing across all the Bodleian Libraries – including the Sainsbury Library – operates via the PCAS system, whereby you create a personal PCAS account from which all your costs are deducted. Like any personal financial account, you can top it up at any time for whatever value you wish.

As the account is password protected, any jobs you send to a PCAS machine will not print until you are there to release it, giving you that added level of security – all print jobs are retained in the system for 72 hours before being deleted and any job sent to a PCAS account from any Bodleian Library may be printed at any other Bodleian library.

Printing from Library iMacs

For information on printing from the Apple iMacs in the library, please refer to our iMac printing guide.

More information

For complete information on setting up and using a PCAS account, see the Bodleian Library’s PCAS information site or ask any of the Sainsbury library staff for help.


The current costs for printing, copying and scanning are in the table below.

  Single Double
A4 B/W 6p 9p
A3 B/W 10p 15p
A4 Colour 20p 30p
A3 Colour 40p 60p
Scanning 2p  
Prices last updated: September, 2016









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