Using this Library

The Sainsbury Library is spread over two floors: the lower library contains all the textbooks that are on your reading lists, 12 PCs and 4 iMacs for accessing the Saïd Business School network, 3 Bloomberg workstations, 2 Bodleian PCs for non-School visitors, 24 individual study seats and 17 round café-style tables.

The round tables can be used by individuals but - as they have been provided specifically for School students doing group work in times of high group study space demand, individuals may be asked to move to a single work station.

Minimal noise is tolerated on the lower floor. The upper library is reserved for quiet study.

It has 76 work stations, 12 PCs and 4 iMacs and is reserved for quiet study in consideration of those who require a quiet work space we do not permit any noise in the upper library: students are asked to have their phones on silent when in that part of the library and to leave the area when taking any incoming calls.

Wireless is available throughout the library.

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