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Due to government restrictions related to Covid-19, the Scan & Deliver service is currently suspended. More information on other online resources can be found at or for enquiries please email We apologize for the inconvenience.

We are planning to restart our Scan & Deliver services from 22 June (depending on our ability to access buildings safely).  Not all collections will be accessible instantly on this date as they are spread over 30 building, each of which must be prepared and made safe.

Please note in response to Covid-19 we are offering two scanning services:

  • from offsite storage ordered through the usual process
  • from reading rooms: ordered through a new option offered against every eligible item

Ideally we would offer one ordering process but that has not been possible with the rapid development time. 

The following FAQs provide detailed information about offsite Scan & Deliver service and how to request a scan.

Scope of the Service

Q. What does that "Scan & Deliver" link in SOLO mean?
A. Scan & Deliver is an electronic document delivery service which enables you to obtain scans of book chapters or journal articles from our offsite Book Storage Facility.

Q. What about collections held in individual Bodleian Libraries?
A. The service is currently offered only for collections from the Book Storage Facility. About 8 million items are eligible.

Q. Why are some closed stack materials eligible for Scan & Deliver and others not?
A. Some items are unsuited to scanning because they are old and rare, or they are in a format that cannot be scanned.

Q. Does this mean I'm no longer able to use the physical item itself?
A. You can still order items to be delivered to reading rooms. Scan & Deliver simply offers a convenient alternative to ordering and copying or scanning these items yourself.

Q. Who can use this service?
A. Scan & Deliver is open to all current Bodleian card holders.

Placing a Scan & Deliver Request

Q. Do I need a separate login to use the service?
A. No, once you have logged in to SOLO using your Oxford Single Sign On or non-Oxford Member login you can select Scan & Deliver directly from SOLO.

Q. May I submit a request for an entire book or multiple chapters/articles?
A. You may only request up to one chapter or article from a book or journal. These limits are governed by copyright legislation.

Q. Can I request a high-resolution or colour scan via Scan & Deliver?
A. Scan & Deliver provides scans in black and white PDF at 300 dpi, although we will use greyscale/colour where appropriate to improve quality. We will contact you if we are unable to fulfil your request, with appropriate referrals for high quality reproductions.

Q. What will happen if an item that I want a scan from is checked out? 
A. We will place a hold on the item and email you a notification. We will fulfil the request when the item is returned unless you request cancellation.

Q. How many requests may I submit per day?
A. The limit is two Scan & Deliver requests per patron per working day. You can place more than two but we promise only to process the first two requests received on that working day.

Q. How can I track my request?
A. Once your request has been placed it will be listed in the 'Requests' section of your SOLO MyAccount. When the request has been dealt with you will receive an e-mail status update with details of how to collect your scan, a request for clarification of your requirements or a rejection notification.


Q. How much does this service cost?
A. As part of our enhanced copying services in response to Coronavirus measures, this service is currently being provided free of charge. 

Collecting your Scan & Deliver request

Q. How will I know that my request has been completed?
A. Your scan will be posted on a server and you will receive an email including a link to the scan.

Q. How long will it take to get my request?
A. Due to an increase in requests following Coronavirus measures, the Scan & Deliver service will aim to fulfill your scanning request within 5 working days. Please note that this turnaround time does not account for weekends and any University holidays.

Q. How long will my request stay on the PDF server?
A. Your request will remain on the server for 14 days. 

Q. I deleted my PDF but I really need to look at it again. Do I have to re-request it?
A. There is a 14-day grace period for deleted requests. If you need us to restore your article please contact us as soon as you are able.

Q. Thanks for the scan, but it's missing some pages/the quality is poor/the file size is huge- how do I fix this?
A. Contact and they will ask for the resend on your behalf. Never hesitate to contact the library about missing pages or scanning quality- we need regular feedback to improve our services and troubleshoot any technical issues.

Q. What happens if you can't complete my request?
A. Our scanning team will contact you with the reason and suggestions to help the request be fulfilled. You will not be charged until the scan is completed.

Copyright Restrictions

Q. Thanks for the scan- is it okay if I post the PDF to a webpage to share with my students/classmates/colleagues?
A. Your Scan & Deliver request is for individual research use only, and may not be shared, distributed, or posted elsewhere online. The ordering process includes the copyright restrictions which need agreement before the request can proceed.

Further Information

Q. You have not answered my question - where can I go to to discover more information?
A. For more information email the Scan & Deliver team at

Q. What are the conditions of use for this service?
A. Please see the Scan & Deliver Ts and Cs.

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