Results of school examinations

The University of Oxford was, until 1995, involved in school examining through the work of two examination boards that set and administered O and A level and GCSE examinations and their predecessors such as School Certificate:

  • The University of Oxford Delegacy of Local Examinations
  • The Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board

In 1995, both of these boards were abolished and their functions, including verification of most past results, were transferred to the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate which now operates under the brand name of Cambridge Assessment.  The Division of Cambridge Assessment that deals with GCSE, O and A level results is OCR (contact details given below).

Application for verification of results of examinations set by these two boards should be made as follows.

Oxford University Delegacy of Local Examinations

Oxford and Cambridge Schools Examination Board

OCR information and contacts

OCR may be contacted via their website.

Guidance on the application procedure for verification of results can be found on the OCR webpage for Lost certificates. OCR does not hold any information about school examinations held outside the UK.  International school examinations are administered by Cambridge International Examinations.