Taylor Institution Library update, post second stage of the TABS Relocation

The Taylor Institution Library will reopen at 9 am on Monday 12th September after the three-week extended closed period during which the TABS Research Collection was relocated and other book moves and building works were carried out.

In addition to the new Slavonic Reading Room in former Room 3 (opened in July) there are two further new reading rooms opening on 12th September. What used to be Room 10B houses Modern Greek reference and periodicals and what used to be Room 16 houses the Portuguese and Galician collections, with Catalan in the Room 16 vestibule.

  • Please note that while readers are welcome to collect Catalan, Galician and Portuguese books for borrowing or for reference use elsewhere in the library, this reading room is for Graduate study only.
  • Please also note that some electrical work will be in progress between Monday 12th and Wednesday 13th September, inclusive, in this reading room.

During the extended closed period, nearly all the Slavonic Research Collection was re-shelved in the Taylor Basement, together with Slavonic Undergraduate books and the remainder of Modern Greek. Only a small quantity of Research Collection material remains to be re-shelved in the Basement and in Room 3 on Monday 12th September.

  • The Basement will nevertheless remain closed to readers for the whole week beginning Monday 12th September due to the completion of building works and re-carpeting. Reading Room staff will be happy to fetch books from the Basement on request at the Enquiry Desk.

To enable the re-housing of the Slavonic Research Collection and the remainder of Modern Greek in the Taylor Basement, the following language collections were moved to the Stacks during the extended closed period: Romance Linguistics and Latin American (Lower Stack); Francophone, Romanian, Dutch and Yiddish (Upper Stack). (Celtic remains in the Basement.) For advice on locating books in the Stacks and in Room 16, please do not hesitate to ask library staff at the Enquiry Desk.

  • Please note that the Voltaire Room will be closed for the first part of week beginning Monday 12th September due work associated with the Relocation. Again books can be fetched on request at the Enquiry Desk.

We would like to thank our readers for their patience during the extended closed period and look forward to welcoming them when we reopen. On Monday 12th September 7 pm-weekday-closing will resume.

If you have any questions about the project or about this notice, please contact the Taylor Operations Manager, Frank Egerton, in the first instance: frank.egerton@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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