Renovation of the Staff Room and re-carpeting of Graduate Study Room (GSR)

We understand from Estates that work to renovate the Staff Room is likely to commence on Monday 4th August.  It is estimated that the work will continue until the beginning of September.

The work will include the sound-proofing of the door between the Staff Room and the GSR.

We also understand that the project will involve the re-carpeting of the GSR.

During the work, the furniture from the Staff Room will be stored in the GSR.

At present it is not proposed that the GSR is closed to readers during the work, apart from the times when the carpeting in the GSR is done.

However, as the work is likely to cause considerable noise at times, we would advise graduate readers to consider studying in other parts of the library throughout August.

Please also note that if the landing outside the GSR is obstructed by building equipment or cabling, as a necessary consequence of the work, we will have to close the room, and the staircases leading to it, to readers.  If this happens library staff will still fetch books from the GSR on request.

If we decide to close the GSR we shall put up notices on the Taylor website and in the library.

If you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact the Taylor Operations Manager, Frank Egerton,

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