Latin American Basement closed due to cleaning from Wednesday 10 September

Updated information 19.09.14: The Latin American Basement will be closed from Monday 22nd September for the second stage of the specialist cleaning. We do not yet know how long the cleaning will take but anticipate that it will last for at least two days. Signs in the library will be up for as long as the Basement is closed. Staff will be fetching books from this area for our readers. Please see below for more details of this project.

Updated information 12.09.14: The Latin American Basement will reopen for the week beginning Monday 15 September but will need to be closed (fetching available, as below) for a few days during the following week. When we know the dates we shall post them here.


The Latin American Basement, also know as the North Basement, will be closed to readers for 3-5 days due to the area being cleaned by a specialist team, following the completion of the building and electrical works.

During the period of the closure, staff will be fetching books for readers. To request a book, please fill out a slip at the Enquiry Desk.

We apologise for any inconvenience this closure may cause. 

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