Basement open again; further room closures, fetching only, week beginning Mon 31 March

The South and Central Basements are open to readers again.

The distribution board replacement took just one day rather than two.

Please note, however, that the North Basement (Latin American collection) remains closed to readers due to further building works. Books will be fetched from the North Basement for readers.

The next library room closures due to distribution board replacement will be next week:

  • Voltaire Room - 1 April
  • Lower Stack - 2 April
  • French & German Reading Room - 3 April
  • Upper Stack - 4 April

There will also be two non-library room closures from later this week:

  • Common Room - 28 March
  • Lecture Hall - 31 March 

The above work is part of the phased replacement of distribution boards taking place during the Easter vacation (see earlier notice for further details).

On days when rooms in the library are closed staff will be fetching books for readers. Please fill out a slip at the Enquiry Desk and hand it to one of the librarians.

We apologise for any inconvenience that this work may cause. 

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