TAY-TABS reintegration/relocation project

The last items from the TABS Basement were transferred to the Taylor in the last week of September 2016.

This completed the TABS Relocation.

As a result of the project:

  • The following collections are housed in the Basement: Slavonic Research (including Czech and Slovak); Slavonic Undergraduate; lower-use Slavonic Periodicals; Modern Greek Research
  • A reading area has been created in the Basement
  • Slavonic Reference material and higher-use Periodicals are shelved in the new Slavonic Reading Room (formerly, Room 3)
  • Modern Greek Reference and Periodicals and a small collection of Undergraduate Books are shelved in Room 10B (accessed via the Taylor Teaching Collection).

In addition, the following collections that were previously held in the Basement have been moved to the Stacks: Latin American (Lower Stack); Francophone, Romanian, Moldovan, Dutch and Yiddish (Upper Stack).

Portuguese and Galician have been moved to Room 16 and Catalan is shelved in the Room 16 vestibule.  The desk space in Room 16 is for Graduate Study only, although all readers are welcome to collect books.

Celtic, German Oversize and the Ger.Ser series remain in the Basement.

The Basement Periodicals (B.Per) section has moved from the South to the West Basement.

Please note that some Taylor items, in particular B.Pers that need further cataloguing work prior to transfer to the BSF, are currently housed in the Basement of the Oriental Institute Library. On SOLO, the location for these items includes the phrase "Oriental Institute Library Basement".  Such items can be fetched for readers or access to the OIL Basement can be arranged.

Due to the above reorganisation, familiar items may have moved from their usual places so please look out for new signage and maps, and do ask library staff for assistance. Tours can be arranged with your subject librarian if you would like a reorientation. We hope that everything on the SOLO catalogue is showing correctly but if a book isn't where you expected it to be, please don't hesitate to ask a member of library staff for help.

If you have any questions about the TABS Relocation project please contact Frank Egerton, Taylor Operations Manager, in the first instance: frank.egerton@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

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