Classics Lending Library

The Classics Lending Library is located at the front of the Ground Floor either side of the public computers and new books display.

It is intended to provide for the course requirements of (Oxford) undergraduate students and may also be useful for postgraduate students. Other readers are requested to use texts and commentaries in the N.i and N.ii sections on the Lower Ground Flooor.

If reading in the library rather than borrowing, please use the Ground Floor. If you do read on other floors of the Library, please bring CLL stock back to the Ground Floor after use so that it can be reshelved promptly and/or found by other readers.

Arrangement of stock

The main stock is divided into broad categories (e.g. LAT, GRE, LIT.GEN, ARCH, HIST). LAT and GRE are subdivided by classical author with secondary works further subdivided by modern author. Other sections are simply subdivided by modern author.


There is a collection of articles cited on reading lists. These can be borrowed exactly as books.


There is a separate section containing Loebs for the texts/authors included in the syllabus.

Exam papers

Exam papers for recent years are available on OXAM which can be accessed on computers via OxLIP and various websites. There are printed copies of older exam papers in the CLL.


All CLL stock (except exam papers) is recorded on SOLO. The most convenient SOLO terminals are situated at the front of the Ground Floor. When logging on choose SAC as the library of choice to display CLL and SAC items first.


Only students may borrow from the Classics Lending Library. However, students may also borrow from the main collection.

Students may borrow up to 9 items from the combined collections with a maximum of six items in any category (main library book, main library periodical, CLL book, CLL article).

The borrowing period for all CLL items is one week, with 3 renewals providing the item is not reserved by another reader.

Vacation borrowing

Stock borrowed on or after the Wednesday of Week 8 is due back by the Monday of Week 1 of the following term. Notices are normally posted at the relevant times.


Students with books and/or fines outstanding will not be presented for their degree.



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