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The Sackler Library, is one of the Bodleian Libraries’ principal research libraries of the University of Oxford, with collections focusing (broadly) on the study of archaeology and the ancient world, art and architectural history at the University of Oxford.

The Library opened on 24 September 2001, incorporating collections from a variety of former locations including the Ashmolean Museum, the Griffith Institute, the History of Art Department as well as the Classics Lending Library. Current holdings range across the following subjects: Classical & Late Antique Art, Archaeology & Architecture, including the Roman provinces; Classics (History & Literature); Egyptology & Ancient Near Eastern Studies; Prehistoric - Contemporary Art, Archaeology & Architecture of Europe and the Mediterranean Region; Middle & Far Eastern Art, Archaeology and Architecture (Ancient – Contemporary), including Western Asia & the Indian Subcontinent; Archeometry/Theoretical & Scientific Archaeology; Numismatics; Papyrology. 



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