Secondary sources

For answers to broad-ranging questions about the University as a whole, and its development, the best sources of information are published works. There are a number of histories available: the following are just a selection of what has been published.


  • The University of Oxford: A Brief History by Laurence Brockliss (2019)


  • The University of Oxford: A History by LWB Brockliss (2017)


  • The Encyclopaedia of Oxford edited by C Hibbert and E Hibbert (1988)


  • Oxford by Felix Markham (1967)

  • The Illustrated History of Oxford University edited by J Prest (1993)

  • A History of Oxford University by VHH Green (1974)


  • History of the University of Oxford published by Oxford University Press:
    • Volume 1 The Early Oxford Schools edited by JI Catto (1984)
    • Volume 2 Later Medieval Oxford edited by JI Catto and TAR Evans (1992)
    • Volume 3 The Collegiate University edited by J McConica (1986)
    • Volume 4 Seventeenth-Century Oxford edited by N Tyacke (1997)
    • Volume 5 The Eighteenth Century edited by LS Sutherland and LG Mitchell (1986)
    • Volume 6 Nineteenth-Century Oxford, Part 1 edited by MG Brock and MC Curthoys (1997)
    • Volume 7 Nineteenth-Century Oxford, Part 2 edited by MG Brock and MC Curthoys (2000)
    • Volume 8 The Twentieth Century edited by B Harrison (1994)
  • A History of the University of Oxford by CE Mallet:
    • Volume I The Mediaeval University (1924)
    • Volume II The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries (1924)
    • Volume III Modern Oxford (1927)

Image of Oxford skyline from Bodleian Library

Image credit: Winter skyline, Bodleian Library

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