Find Music

The MFL has around 18,000 items of printed music, only about half of which are catalogued on SOLO.

How do I find the piece of music I'm looking for..?

1. The first step is to search for it on SOLO. Use the limiters to search for 'Scores' only. If the item that you need is available, note the Call Number and use the floorplans to locate the section within the library.

SOLO Full Score 

2. If the piece of music you require does not appear in SOLO then you may find that the MFL does have it by consulting the card catalogue, which is located on the ground floor near the issue desk. Find the drawer corresponding to the composer that wrote the piece you are looking for, then flick through the cards to see whether the piece is in there (the cards are filed alphabetically). If the library has it, you will find a card that looks like this:

Catalogue card 

The Call Number is stamped in green in the top right hand corner of the card. Use the library floorplans to locate the section in the library. 

If the piece of music is not in the MFL but can only be found in the central Bodleian it will be stored offsite and it will therefore be necessary to place a request to enable it to be retrieved. For instructions on how to do this see the SOLO LibGuide

What should I do if the piece isn't on SOLO or in the card catalogue?

If you can't find the piece of music that you are looking floor please ask library staff. They will be happy to try and help you find what you need.  



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