Music Faculty Library for disabled readers

Two hands play on a keyboard


The Music Faculty Library is situated within the Music Faculty on St Aldate’s. Detailed information about building access is available on the University Access Guide.

Assistance animals are always admitted with readers. We have a hearing loop at the issue desk.

The MFL is spread over three floors. Step-free access is available throughout the library, with a lift to the upper floors and a stairlift to the lower ground floor. All of our doors are manual, but we usually prop them open (unless there is a noise-related reason to close them).

Some of our shelves require a stepladder. Staff are happy to fetch resources or to set up proxy borrowing. Let us know how you would prefer us to offer access.

Furniture and equipment

We have two electronic height-adjustable desks on the ground floor, both with an ergonomic chair. The rest of our furniture is not ergonomic. If you would like us to consider purchasing more ergonomic furniture, we would welcome your suggestions. 

We have a range of visual, sensory and ergonomic equipment, free to use within the library. These include:

  • coloured acetate sheets
  • reading rulers
  • foot stools
  • book stands
  • magnifiers
  • daylight lamp

If there is any other equipment that would help to improve your study environment in the library, please let us know.

Support and services

Library staff work with readers who encounter barriers to accessing our materials to find suitable adjustments. We welcome suggestions about how we can enable all readers to make the most of the library. If you have any questions or want to make suggestions, please get in touch with the Deputy Librarian ( 

Disabled students can contact the Bodleian Disability Librarian or the Disability Advisory Service to develop a personalised student support plan (SSP), which may include the following:

  • We usually put an extended loan period in place automatically when the Disability Librarian informs us of this requirement.
  • Students can nominate another member of the University or a support worker to borrow books on their behalf.
  • All students receive a library induction when they join the University, but upon request we can provide an individual induction.

More about support and services for disabled readers.