Weston Library for disabled readers

A two-storey height room with a glass mezzanine filled with bookshelves

You no longer need to book a time slot to use our libraries. Find out more about staying safe in our spaces and other service updates.


The entrance to the Weston Library for readers is on Parks Road. The reading rooms can also be accessed from Blackwell Hall during public opening hours. There is step-free access to both these entrances, and to all floors in the building. There are accessible toilets on all main levels. 

You can find detailed accessibility information for the Weston Library on the University Access Guide. For further details, please contact our Disability Librarian.  

Services and support

Reader spaces

  • The Weston Library and its reading rooms are wheelchair accessible.
  • There are hearing support systems available at every enquiry, issue and security desk.
  • Height-adjustable desks are available in the Mackerras Reading Room and the David Reading Room. Reading room staff will be happy to assist if needed. If you want to use the adjustable desks, please contact the library in advance to reserve one.  
  • An ergonomic office chair is available in the Mackerras Reading Room.  
  • Study carrels can be booked on a first-come, first-served basis.  

Teaching and meeting spaces

  • Height-adjustable desks are available in the Centre for Digital Scholarship.  
  • There are hearing support systems in the large seminar room and smaller meeting rooms.  The meeting room loops are portable; please contact the library in advance if you would like to use them.
  • We occasionally make the Sassoon and Bon Christiano rooms available to readers who, for example, have carers, or who require voice assistance technology. However, special collections aren't available for consultation in these rooms. To enquire, email specialcollections.bookings@bodleian.ox.ac.uk.

Find out more about the Bodleian Libraries services and support available to disabled readers.