Using the Latin American Centre Library

Six chairs around a long table with a bookshelf behind


  • The Latin American Centre Library welcomes new and existing readers.  
  • Current members of Oxford University, including academic visitors registered with a College or department, may register to use the Library.  
  • Bona fide researchers in the library's subject area may register to use the library for reference only. Visiting researchers who wish to use the library for a one-day visit only should email the Librarian in advance.
  • If you intend to use the library for more than a day, you should obtain a Bodleian Reader card before your first visit. Find out more about how to apply.

Rules and regulations

The Bodleian Libraries Regulations and Rules of Conduct apply in this library. Readers are asked to observe the following local rules:

  • You may not remove library equipment or books may be removed from the building, except as permitted in the Rules of Conduct.
  • The library accepts no responsibility for coats, umbrellas or other property brought into the building.  
  • There are no parking places for readers’ cars or designated spaces for bicycles. Bicycles left outside the building must not obstruct exits or the pavement.
  • Readers are welcome to use personal digital cameras to take pictures of library material, but please ask staff before taking photographs in the library.

General information

  • The library has three reading rooms: the main library and seminar room on the ground floor, and the stacks in the basement.
  • The stacks house the history collection, journals and special collections, which are kept on mobile shelving. There is desk space, computing facilities and microfiche and microfilm viewers.
  • Floor plans of the library are available to help you find what you are looking for.
  • Wi-Fi is available throughout the library.  
  • Staff may remove property left on desks if other readers require the workspace.
  • During term, the seminar room is regularly used for classes and will be closed to readers. For more information, see the LAC teaching programme.
  • Books may be used in any of the reading rooms. After use they should be placed neatly on the desks or on the trolley provided in the Main Library.
  • There is a lavatory on the ground floor of the building. This has not been adapted for disabled readers.

Layout and classification


The library uses a simplified version of the Library of Congress classification system.

There are three main sequences: JL for politics, HC for economics and F for history. Each sequence is subdivided by country (indicated by a number) and by the surname of the first named author (first letter). For example, JL 950 R denotes JL (politics) 950 (number for Latin America in general) R (Rodriguez).

Books on politics and economics are shelved in the main library and seminar room on the first floor. The open-access stack on the ground floor houses history books, journals and books on labour relations and land reform.

Books not on open access will be fetched by staff on request.


The library holds the best MPhil thesis and the best MSc essay for each year of Latin American Centre students from 2014 onward. Titles are searchable via SOLO.

Essays for the MSc Public Policy degree submitted between 1986 and 2009 are also available for consultation. They are not searchable via SOLO but a full list is provided here.

Thesis and Dissertations in Latin American Studies provides a list of past Oxford theses submitted on Latin American topics.  

Theses are kept in closed access and are confined to the library. Ask library staff if you wish to read one of the theses. You must always sign the copyright declaration form at the front of each dissertation when consulting an item.


The open-access stack also holds boxes of miscellaneous material arranged by country.