Knowledge Centre for disabled readers

The Knowledge Centre opens out into the lobby space of the Old Road Campus Research Building.

To reach the Knowledge Centre, there is a revolving door and a separate accessible entrance. If you are a wheelchair user, you can use the intercom in front of the external doors there is an intercom to alert staff to open the door. The Knowledge Centre is located on the right-hand side of the main lobby space (opposite café tables). The entire route is level access.  

The library has an outward facing (into the main lobby) reception desk that is lowered and has a portable hearing loop. All areas within the library are accessible.

The library can provide the following assistive equipment:

  • ten coloured acetate sheets
  • two daylight reading lamps
  • two magnifiers

Please ask library staff if you wish to use any of this equipment. The library also has one height adjustable desk and one ergonomic chair.