Borrowing at the Japanese Library

A person working on their laptop next to the large windows at the Japanese Library

Who may borrow?

  • Oxford University staff and matriculated students may borrow books from the Bodleian Japanese Library Loan Collection.
  • Bodleian Reader card holders have reference-only access, and may not borrow.

Borrowing rules

  • Books may only be borrowed in person. You may not lend or transfer any loan item to any other person, whether a registered borrower or not.
  • Books must not be taken out of the UK.

Borrowing allowances

  Items Loan period Online renewals In-person renewals
Undergraduates 6 7 days
(1 week)
3 3
Taught postgraduates 6 14 days
(2 weeks)
1 3
Research postgraduates 10 28 days
(4 weeks)
1 3
Oxford University staff 10 28 days
(4 weeks)
1 0
Nissan/Oriental Institute teaching staff 10 91 days
(13 weeks)
0 0

Vacation loans

You may borrow books for the entire vacation. You can borrow books on and after the Thursday of Week 8 of Full Term, and these must be returned by the Tuesday of Week 1 of the next Full Term.

Renew and return

  • Books may be renewed a limited number of times via SOLO if they have not been reserved by other readers.  
  • All books must be returned to the library by the last Thursday of each Full Term.  
  • You must return books by the end of the loan period or at any time if asked to do so by the Librarian. Items on 28-day and 91-day loans may be recalled if required by another reader.
  • You should return books to a member of staff. Books should not be left at the library counter or elsewhere without being checked back in.


Fines are currently suspended. Find out more about fines from the Bodleian Libraries.

  • If you do not return an item by the end of its borrowing period or when asked to do so by the Librarian, you will incur a fine. The rate for each overdue item is 20p per day.
  • You can pay fines of over £2 online via the Oxford University store.