Borrowing at the Japanese Library

A person working on their laptop next to the large windows at the Japanese Library

Who may borrow?

  • Oxford University staff and matriculated students may borrow books from the Bodleian Japanese Library Loan Collection.
  • Bodleian Reader card holders have reference-only access, and may not borrow.

Borrowing rules

  • Books may only be borrowed in person. You may not lend or transfer any loan item to any other person, whether a registered borrower or not.
  • Books must not be taken out of the UK.

Borrowing allowances

  Items Loan period Online renewals In-person renewals
Undergraduates 6 7 days
(1 week)
3 3
Taught postgraduates 6 14 days
(2 weeks)
1 3
Research postgraduates 10 28 days
(4 weeks)
1 3
Oxford University staff 10 28 days
(4 weeks)
1 0
Nissan/Oriental Institute teaching staff 10 91 days
(13 weeks)
0 0

Vacation loans

You may borrow books for the entire vacation. You can borrow books on and after the Thursday of Week 8 of Full Term, and these must be returned by the Tuesday of Week 1 of the next Full Term.

Renew and return

  • Books may be renewed a limited number of times via SOLO if they have not been reserved by other readers.  
  • All books must be returned to the library by the last Thursday of each Full Term.  
  • You must return books by the end of the loan period or at any time if asked to do so by the Librarian. Items on 28-day and 91-day loans may be recalled if required by another reader.
  • You should return books to a member of staff. Books should not be left at the library counter or elsewhere without being checked back in.