Request a book from outside Oxford

If you want to read something which is not available in Oxford, we will try to find it for you from another library. This is known as an interlibrary loan.

How much does it cost?

  • Staff, research students and MSc students do not have to pay because the Department of Education has agreed to pay the fee on your behalf. Log in to our WebLearn page for instructions.
  • PGCE students and other members of the University have to pay a subsidised fee of £5.00 which is paid using your PCAS account: please fill in the online request form.
  • External readers have to pay the full cost which varies. See the Bodleian's interlibrary loan page for prices.

Please note:

There is no restriction on the number of requests you can make but we may ask you to get authorisation from your supervisor if you intend to place a high number of requests.

Information for external libraries wishing to borrow

Other libraries wishing to borrow from the Education Library's collections should email
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