Access from home

Electronic books, journals, and databases

Use the "Log In" option in the top-right corner of SOLO, or OxLIP+, or OU e-Journals to log in with your Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO). This will give remote access to all databases, electronic reference works, e-book and e-journal packages that are controlled via IP-recognition.

Electronic Legal Deposit

Some books appear on SOLO with an orange dot and the message "Online access is restricted to library computers in any of the Bodleian Libraries". This means that the book can only be read on a library computer. It also cannot be copied from and only limited printing is available.

It is worth checking if there are any other copies (electronic or print) available for you to use instead. You can also recommend that the library buys a copy by emailing


There is no need to use the University's VPN to access library resources, but if you want to use it you will need to register for a remote access username and password and install VPN software on your computer. More information about the Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.

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