About the Centre for Digital Scholarship

The Centre for Digital Scholarship (CDS) at the Bodleian Libraries, is a space and place for engaging, leading and shaping discussions around digital scholarship practice and research within and beyond the University of Oxford. Housed within the Weston Library, our centre serves as both a physical and virtual hub, fostering innovation, collaboration, and knowledge-sharing in the realm of digital scholarship.

At the Centre for Digital Scholarship, we aim to:


Connect the Bodleian Libraries with broader national and international conversations, research, and advancements in digital scholarship.


Research and innovate at the cutting edge of developments in digital scholarship


Lead and support research projects related to digital scholarship across the University of Oxford.


Support the academic community, across all disciplines and levels of experience, from established digital researchers innovating in the field, to students getting their first taste of digital scholarship, either working with them ourselves or directing them to other resources for digital scholarship, such as iSkills – the University's training programme.

Our structure

To achieve these goals, the Centre for Digital Scholarship includes 4 teams, under the leadership of Dr Megan Gooch:

  • Sustainable Digital Scholarship provides services, advice, and a repository for researchers seeking data management solutions. This repository is tailored for researchers who require data accessibility and regular updates at a record level.
  • Electronic Enlightenment collaborates with Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services to offer high-quality academic digital editions of over 70,000 letters written between the 17th and the 19th centuries, alongside a bespoke biographical database of over 10,000 correspondents.
  • The Digital Scholarship team takes the lead on projects, events, training, and support in digital scholarship and digital library collections, ensuring that the latest advancements are accessible to all.
  • The Research team is dedicated to integrating library science techniques and federated archives into the development of nuclear fusion technology, bridging the gap between academia and practical applications.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with the Digital Scholarship @ Oxford (DiSc) project team within the Humanities Division, working together from our shared hub at the Centre for Digital Scholarship.

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