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We are happy to share notices of new publications and presentations that draw upon research in the Special Collections of the of the Bodleian Libraries.  They have been ordered alphabetical by Fellowship.

Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellowship in Music

Adam Whittaker (Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Albi Rosenthal Visiting Fellow in 2019), has written an article which compares manuscripts of the 'Four Fundamentals of Music' from the late fourteenth century.  

Bahari Visiting Fellowship in the Persian Arts of the Book

Arezou Azad (Oxford, Bahari Fellow 2019) gave a paper on Ouseley 217 in her presentation  'Remembering the Barmakids in a Persian Fürstenspiegel' hosted by the Islamicate Manuscripts and Texts Colloquium on 01 December 2020. Arezou also talks about the Visiting Scholars Programme in the Oxford 700: Present video

 Cailah Jackson (Oxford, Bahari Fellow 2018) discusses an undated copy the Kulliyat (Collection) of the Shirazi author  Sa'di in 'An Illuminated Manuscript from Late Fourteenth-Century Shiraz in the Bodleian Library' Manuscript Studies: A Journal of the Schoenberg Institute for Manuscript Studies, Fall 2020 Vol. 5.2.  It examines the style of illumination produced under the Muzaffarid dynasty (1314–93).

David Walker Memorial Fellowship in Early Modern History

Sarah Bendall  (Sydney, David Walker Fellow 2018) has this post on her blog The tailoring Trade in Seventeenth-Century Oxford – Tales from the Bodleian Archive. She discusses the guild records (MS Morrell series) relating to tailoring outside of London and this research will form part of her forthcoming monograph 'Shaping Femininity ' to be published by Bloomsbury Academic/Visual Arts.
José Eloy Hortal Muñoz  (URJC, David Walker Fellow 2018) has already used the results of his research visit in  La configuración de la imagen de la Monarquía Católica, a book published in 2020.

Humfrey Wanley Fellowships

Michael P. Kuczynski (Tulane, Humfrey Wanley Fellow 2019) published A Glossed Wycliffite Psalter: Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Bodley 554, 2 vols, Early English Texts Society, OS 352, 353. 

Research by Dominic Janes (Keele, Humfrey Wanley Fellow 2019) will be published as British Dandies: Fashioning a Nation (Oxford: Bodleian Library Publishing, c.2021).  

Sassoon Visiting Fellowships

Jessica Malay (Huddersfield, Sassoon Fellow 2019) discovered a previously  overlooked inventory of Lady Anne’ Clifford's library at Appleby Castle which has led to a re-evaluation of the reading interests of this seventeenth-century noblewoman. She was working on another project about Lady Anne at the Bodleian Library when she encountered a manuscript commissioned by her grandson and heir Thomas Tufton in 1684 (MS Don c. 85) and realised that it included book inventory.

Simon Mills (Newcastle, Sassoon Fellow 2021) has already published  'A Commerce of Knowledge: Trade, Religion, and Scholarship between England and the Ottoman Empire, c.1600-1760' Oxford University Press, 2020). He tells the stories of Church of England chaplains who served the English Levant Company; including how Edward Pococke built a library of Arabic, Hebrew, and Syriac manuscripts in the face of fierce competition from rival European collectors -- the library that ultimately came to the Bodleian. 

Monika Opalinska's (Warsaw, Sassoon Visiting Fellow 2018) research on Old and Middle English metrical translations and paraphrases of the Pater noster in the Bodleian Library manuscripts yielded material on Bodleian MS. Junius 121 (Summary Catalogue no.: 5232) which is incorporated in the chapter '"Hearing the inaudible": On scribal representations of phonological categories in medieval English verse' in Bartomiej Czaplicki, Beata Łukaszewicz, Monika Opalińska (eds.). Phonology, Fieldwork, Generalizations. Peter Lang, 2018, pp. 169-184.  A forthcoming paper 'Continuity and innovation in medieval English prayers',  to be published as part of a collective monograph from  the Special Strand 'Memory' at the XXVth International Medieval Congress/Leeds 2018, includes  a section on the Old English Pater noster from MS. Junius 121 versus a late Latin paraphrase by Juvencus, and a discussion of a Middle English translation of the prayer from MS. Bodley 549 (MS. Rawlinson B. 408 is also briefly mentioned in this context).

Barbara Gribling (Newcastle, Sassoon Visiting Fellow 2019) has published Playing with the Past: child consumers, pedagogy and British history games, c. 1780-1850. In: Gribling, B; Bryant Davies, R, ed. Pasts at Play: Childhood Encounters with History in British Culture, 1750-1914. Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2020, pp.193-220.

Jordan Bear  (Toronto Sassoon Fellow 2018)  has written an essay 'Historical Distance and Historic Doubts: Representing Napoleon in Exile / 111'  in What Was History Painting and What Is It Now which he also co-edited. He consulted materials in the John Johnson Collection which helped in establishing the display practises of a subset of paintings, depicting Napoleon.

Angela Andreani (Toronto Sassoon Fellow 2017) drew  on materials in the Oxford University Archives for her book 'Meredith Hanmer and the Elizabethan Church: 'A Clergyman’s Career in 16th Century England and Ireland' published in 2020. This is the first book-length study of the life of the clergyman and scholar Meredith Hanmer (c.1545–1604), who was chaplain and a scholar at Oxford between 1564 and 1581.  She also published an essay "To confess the truth and shame the devil: Elaborazione della critica anti-papale nell’opera di un parroco elisabettiano" in Baseotto and Khalaf eds. Voci del dissenso nel Rinascimento Europeo (Mantova, Universitas Studiorum, 2018).

Tara Lyons (Illinois Sassoon Fellow 2018) has published “New Evidence for Ben Jonson’s Epigrammes (ca. 1612) in Bodleian Library Records,” The Papers of the Bibliographical Society of America and has a forthcoming article 'Ben Jonson’s Disposable Authorship and Reading the Lost Book of Epigrammes (ca. 1612),” in English Literary Renaissance.

Daniel Kiss (Barcelona Sassoon Fellow 2018) has published "New Research on the Manuscripts of Catullus" Paideia 2020, pp. 601-621
Sue Powell (Leeds Sassoon Fellow 2018) has two forthcoming publications as a result of her Fellowship "The Founders' Book: A Medieval History of Tewkesbury Abbey. A Facsimile of Oxford, Bodleian Library MS Top. Glouc. d. 2' ed. by Julian Luxford, with contributions by Adrian Ailes and Susan Powell (Donington, 2021) and Susan Powell, The Founders’ Book of Tewkesbury Abbey (Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Top. Glouc. d. 2): scripts and transcripts, in "Scribal Cultures in Late Medieval England: Essays in honour of Linne R. Mooney" ed. Margaret Connolly, Holly James-Maddocks, and Derek Pearsall, Manuscript Studies 2 (York) 

John Cunningham (Bangor Sassoon Fellow 2018) has published 'New Light on William Corbett’s Gresham College Bequest’, in Musical Exchange between Britain and Europe, 1500–1800: Essays in Honour of Peter Holman, ed. J. Cunningham and B. White (Woodbridge: Boydell and Brewer, 2020), 380–98  

Collaborative Fellowships

Julia Mattison (Toronto, RBC Foundation-Bodleian Visiting Fellow 2018) has two forthcoming articles - “The Miroir des Dames in England”in the Library, and “Between Men: French Books and Male Readers in the Hundred Years War”, in The Hundred Years War and European Literary History.

Geoffrey Baker  (Yale-NUS College, Yale-NUS Bodleian Visiting Fellow 2018) is completing a monograph, tentatively titled Belief in Evidence, on evidence-thinking in legal contexts and the nineteenth-century British novel. An article partially derived from research for that project’s chapter on Austen was published in Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal.

Evelyn Cohen (Independent Scholar, RSA–Kress Bodleian Research Fellow 2018) has been awarded the Bezalel, Mordechai, and Nessia Narkiss Prize for excellence in the research of Jewish Art. Her lecture 'When Netilat Lulav Occurs on Passover' on 15 December 2020 will relate to the Libraries copy of the Hebrew manuscript, MS Lyell 99. 

Sarah Mayo (Georgia, RSA-Kress Bodleian Fellowship 2017) gave a presentation on 'Quacking Astrology on Stage: Mountebanks and Starry Satire in Seventeenth-CenturyEngland' at the  British Society for Literature and Science, Oxford in 2018.  Her article on "'Printed follyes': Mountebanks and the Performance of Ambivalence within the Archive," will be published  in a special performance studies issue of The Journal of Medieval and Early Modern Studies,

Other Research Contributions

Marc Smith (École des Chartes) gave the Lyell Lectures for 2020 on ‘Writing models from manuscript to print: France, England and Europe, c. 1400–1800’ The calligraphic models for teaching scripts were developed by professional scribes such as copyists, chancery clerks, secretaries and writing masters.

Victoria Higgins (Rare Books Summer Intern 2020) was given a chance to explore the different marks that offer clues to ownership, this included Contributing to the CERL Provenance Digital Archive  


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