Data analysis and visualisation tools


A geographic information system (GIS) that helps to explore highly accurate geospatial data; you can create maps, analyze data for land use studies and other reports, and prepare data for use in an application or database.


An online course is available on LinkedIn Learning (use your SSO to log in, and enter your search term in the search box.


This free and open source 3D creation suite supports the entirety of the 3D pipeline — modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing and motion tracking, in the context of research data in particular.


The suite is free to download from the Blender website.


ITLC offers:

See also an overview course on 3D modelling, taught by ITLC using SketchUp, Blender and image manipulation software.


An online data-visualization tool for making interactive charts which are responsive and embeddable in a website.


A tool and a community developed around supporting the ethical collection, use, and preservation of social media content.


A cross-platform, free and open-source desktop geographic information system (GIS) application.


An online course is available through LinkedIn Learning.

R and Shiny

R is a tool used for data analysis and visualisation. Using the free Shiny package, these analyses and visualisations can be published as interactive webpages just using R.


'R and Shiny' are available as:

Tableau Public

An easy to use, free and powerful tool for creating interactive dashboards and data visualisations that can be shared publicly and embedded in your personal site.


ITLC offers a face-to-face course.

Visio 2016 (MS)

A diagramming tool that can be used to create diagrams, timelines, org charts, and more.


Learn about Visio online on LinkedIn Learning.