Support for Researchers

BDLSS provides a wide range of services for researchers interested in working with digital tools and collections.  Our services include:

  • The central digital conversion of library holdings
  • Developing and setting standards for digital resources
  • Providing robust and sustainable online access for digital resources

We can assist with the grant writing process as well as the identification of potential funding bodies.


When should I contact someone in the library?

  • If you are creating or working with digital collections that involve materials from the Bodleian Libraries
  • If you are creating or using large collections of metadata from the Bodleian
  • If you are interested in working with the Bodleian on the long-term sustainability of your project.

At what point in the research or grant writing process should I contact someone?

We advise getting in touch with the library as soon as you have a research question in mind. We can work with you to find the best technologies to support your project.

Whom should I contact?

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