Oxford SSO

The Oxford University Single Sign-On (SSO)account is used as an authentication system for accessing the University's subscription e-resources as well as for remote access to all resources which are IP-validated.

What is the Oxford Single Sign-On system?

Access to many web-based services at Oxford (e.g. Webmail, WebLearn, Self-Registration, Mailing-list administration, OUCS Course booking etc.) is through the SSO system. Once you login via Single Sign-On, any associated service that you are entitled to use will then allow access without you having to re-enter your username and password. Your Oxford Single Sign-On account is administered by OUCS and is separate from any other local college or departmental accounts you may have.

How do I Get An Oxford Single Sign-On Account?

If you are currently using any of the services listed above, you are already using your SSO account to access them.

All members of Oxford University holding a current University Card automatically have an Oxford Single Sign-On Account (Bodleian Reader cards are not valid for this purpose). New members of the University are sent the account details in a letter from OUCS to the member's primary University address, normally within three working days of the new University card being issued. The account then needs to be activated within 30 days.

There are further details about the Oxford SSO here, including how to apply for and how to activate the account.

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