Searching OLIS via Z39.50

The primary public search interface is SOLO: Search Oxford Libraries Online, but OLIS bibliographic and holdings data can also be accessed via search clients and bibliographic packages which support the ANSI/NISO Z39.50 standard (ISO 23950).

Listed below is the technical information required to configure a Z39.50 connection to OLIS. The data returned via Z39.50 contains location codes; see OLIS location codes for details.


Port number210
Database nameALEPH
(The synonym ADVANCE may be used for backwards compatibility.)


Z39.50 services

search, present, scan, sort, extendedServices, namedResultSets

Record syntaxesUSmarc, Danmarc, XML, SUTRS, GRS-1, OPAC
Bib-1 Use Attributes

1 (Personal name)
4 (Title)
6 (Title uniform)
7 (ISBN)
8 (ISSN)
12 (Local number)
21 (Subject heading)
30 (Date)
31 (Date of publication)
54 (Code--language)
63 (Note)
1003 (Author)
1004 (Author-name personal)
1007 (Identifier--standard)
1016 (Any)
1017 (Server-choice)
1018 (Publisher)
1031 (Material-type )

Bib-1 Relation Attributes
3 (equal), or omit
Bib-1 Position Attributes

3 (any position in field), or omit

Bib-1 Structure Attributes

1 (phrase), 2 (word), 6 (word list), 107 (local-number), or omit

Bib-1 Truncation Attributes

1 (right truncation), 2 (left truncation), 100 (do not truncate), or omit

Bib-1 Completeness Attributes
1 (incomplete subfield), or omit
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