OLIS Location Codes

The OLIS library catalogue uses shortened forms of library names to give details of an item's location. The following table lists the code and label for libraries and collections having holdings on OLIS, and is primarily provided to help users searching OLIS via Z39.50. (Users searching OLIS via SOLO need not concern themselves with these codes, as SOLO already displays descriptive labels rather than codes.) The list is in alphabetical order by code. This data is also available, in several machine-readable formats, as part of OxPoints.

ADM code Sublibrary code Collection code Label
ANN50 St Anne's College
ANNCL St Anne's College Library
ANNHH Hartland House
ANNNB Tim Gardam Building
ANT50 St Antony's College
ANTCL St Antony's College Library
ANTBP Bookstacks Periodicals
ANTOS Oversize
ANTRP Reading Room Periodicals
ANTSG Study Guide Collection
ANTRE Russian & East Eur. Library
ASC50 All Souls College
ASCCL All Souls College Library
ASC1S Sublibrarian 1st floor
ASC2S Sublibrarian 2nd floor
ASC3S Sublibrarian 3rd floor
ASCA1 Anson Room, 1st floor
ASCAL Ante Library
ASCAN Anson Room
ASCCE Cellar
ASCGG Great Lib. Gallery
ASCGL Great library
ASCGS Sublibrarian ground floor
ASCLR Librarian's Room
ASCPH Pembroke House
ASCS1 Stack 1st floor
ASCS2 Stack 2nd floor
ASCS3 Stack 3rd floor
ASCSG Stack ground floor
ASCWB Warden's Basement
ASCWR Wharton Room
ASSGG All Souls - Great Lib. Gallery
ASH50 Ashmolean Museum
ASHDL Ashmolean Museum Library
ASHAD Antiquities Department
ASHCR Coin Room
ASHEA Eastern Art
ASHWH Western Art Print Room (Hope Collection)
ASHWP Western Art Print Room
BAL50 Balfour Library (Pitt Rivers Museum)
BALDL Balfour Lib (Pitt Rivers Mus)
BAL60 60BR
BALPA Pamphlets
BALST Stack Room 7
BLF50 Blackfriars
BLFCL Blackfriars Library
BLFAU Aula Lending Collection
BLFRA Rare Books
BLL50 Balliol College
BLLCL Balliol College Library
BLLGF Ground Floor
BLLLW Law Collection
BLLRF Reference Collection
BLLRS Reserve Collection
BLLSC Special Collection
BLLSX St Cross
BNC50 Brasenose College
BNCCL Brasenose College Library
BNCLR Latham Room
BNCLW Law Library
BNCOC Old Cloisters
BNCSH Stamford House
BOD50 Bodleian Libraries
ARABL Accessible Resources Unit
BJLBL Bodleian Japanese Library
BJLGF Ground Floor Reference
BJLLO Loan Collection
BJLRF Reference Collection
BODBL Bodleian Library
BODGL Lower Gladstone Open Shelves
BODGU Upper Gladstone Open Shelves
BODO1 Duke Humfrey's Library Open Shelves
BODO2 Lower Camera Open Shelves
BODO3 Lower Reading Room Open Shelves
BODO5 Upper Reading Room Open Shelves
BODO7 Special Collections RR Open Shelves
BODO8 Upper Camera Gallery Open Shelves
BODO9 Upper Camera Main Floor Open Shelves
BODTR Lower Reading Room Tower Room
BODUO Upper Camera Office
BODCW Conservation Workshop
WESO1 Weston Mackerras Open Shelves
WESO2 Weston RBMSS Open Shelves
WESO3 Weston RBMSS Reference Area
WESO4 Weston David Open Shelves
WESO5 Weston David Reference Area
WESO6 Weston Gallery Open Shelves
WESO7 Weston Samsung Room
BODCA Copyright Receipt Office
BODEA English Accessions
BODFA Acquisitions Services
BODSA Slavonic Accessions
BODXA Music Accessions
BOLBL Bodleian Library Lending
BOLPC Gladstone Link - Po Chung Collection
CEDBL Continuing Education Library
CEDRS Reserve at Ewert House
CCLBL China Centre: KB Chen Library
Carrel 1-2
Carrel 3-4
    CCLCC Carrel 5-6
    CCLCD Carrel 7-8
    CCLCE Carrel 9-10
    CCLCF Carrel 11-12
EDUBL Education Library
EDUDL Diploma in LATHE Collection
EDUOA Open Access
EFLBL English Faculty Library
EFLCS Catalogue Stand
EFLDC Dalrymple-Champneys Collection
EFLED Dobson Collection
EFLFF Faculty Foyer
EFLHB History of the Book Room
EFLIH In-house Classification
EFLIR Icelandic Room
EFLJG Jeremy Griffiths Collection
EFLKC Ker Collection
EFLLO Oversize
EFLMC Meyerstein Collection
EFLMR Meyerstein Room
EFLMW Margaret Weedon Collection
EFLNC Napier Collection
EFLNR Neil Ripley Ker Collection
EFLOR Owen Room
EFLRA Rare Book Room
EFLSD Staff Desk
EFLTC Tolkien Collection
EFLTP Turville-Petre Collection
EFLYP York Powell Collection
GOOGL Digitized Resources
HCLBL Health Care - Cairns
HCLHG Health Care - Horton General Hospital
HCLHB Frank Bevan Collection
HCLHH Historical Collection
HCLHL Leisure Collection
HCLKC Health Care - Knowledge Cent
HCLNO Health Care - Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre
HCLNH Historical Collection
HEBBL Hebrew and Jewish Studies Library
HFLBL History Faculty Library
HFLBS Basement Stack
HFLCO Counter
HFLLR Lecture Room
HFLML Main Library
HFLMR Maitland Room
HFLO1 Upper Camera Main Floor
HFLO2 Upper Camera Office
HFLO3 Lower Camera Open Shelves
HFLO4 Lower Camera Desk
HFLO5 Upper Gladstone Link
HFLO6 Lower Gladstone Link
HFLO7 Gladstone Link Open Shelves
HFLO9 Powicke
HFLOC Oresko Collection
HFLOV Upper Gladstone Link Oversize
HFLPR Powicke Room
HFLQR Quick Reference
HFLWG West Gallery Reference
HFLCD Bodleian History Lib Main Desk
INDBL Indian Institute Library
LACBL Latin American Centre Library
Core Readings Open Shelf
LAWBL Bodleian Law Library
LAWDE Main Desk
LAWIP Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre
LAWOP Official Papers
LAWRC Reserve Collection
LAWSD Service Desk
MTHBL Mathematical Inst Lib Gerrans Coll
MUSBL Music Faculty Library
MUSF1 First Floor
MUSF2 Second Floor
MUSGF Ground Floor
MUSLR Listening Room
MUSNB New Books Display
MUSNP New Periodicals Display
MUSSH Short Loan Collection
MUSSR Staff Reserve
OILBL Oriental Institute Library
OILAR Aris Collection
OILDE Library Desk
OILEC Eastern Christianity Library
OILKS Korean Studies Library
PLSBL Sherardian Library
PLSDH Daubeny Herbarium
PLSFD Fielding-Druce Herbarium
PLSGR General Reading Room
PLSHE Herbarium store
PTFBL Philosophy & Theology Fac Lib
PTFFC Fowler Collection
PTFFF First Floor Reading Room Open Shelves
PTFGF Ground Floor Reading Room Open Shelves
PTFLO Librarians Office
PTFLR Library Reception
PTFNB New Books Display
PTFRW Reader Workroom
PTFSW Staff Workroom
PTFCD Phil & Theol Fac Lib Main Desk
RHOBL Rhodes House Library
RHOO1 Reading Room Open Shelves
RHOW4 Weston David Open Shelves
RHOW5 Weston David Reference Area
RSLBL Radcliffe Science Library
RSLEN Entrance Hall
RSLL2 Level 2
RSLL3 Level 3
RSLL4 Level 4
RSLL5 Level 5
RSLL6 Level 6
RSLL7 Level 7
RSLL8 Level 8
RSLLS Life Sciences
RSLOS Open Shelf
RSLPS Physical Science
RSLSA Same Day
RSLVO Vere Harmsworth Library Open Shelves
RSLVS Vere Harmsworth Library Stack
RSLZO Zoology
SACBL Sackler Library
SAC1F First Floor
SAC1P First Floor papyri
SAC2F Second Floor
SAC3F Third Floor
SACAR Archive Room
SACCL Classic Lending Collection
SACCR Coin Room in Ashmolean Museum
SACGF Ground Floor
SACHA Haverfield
SACHR Haskell Room
SACLG Lower Ground Floor
SACRB Rare Book Room
SACWI Wind Room
SBSBL Sainsbury Library
SBSAN Annexe
SBSCA Careers Section
SBSEG Egrove Park
SBSFC Faculty Collection
SBSLW Lower Reading Room
SBSUR Upper Reading Room
SCABL Soc and Cultural Anth Library
SCALO Library Office
SCARF Reference
SSLBL Social Science Library
SSLBX Rolling Stack RSC Boxes
SSLLO Library Office
SSLPJ Periodicals and Journals
SSLPM Pamphlets
SSLRF Reference
SSLRO Rolling Stack - Oversize
SSLRS Rolling Stack
SSLSD Staff Desk
SSLSR Statistics and Reports
SSLTH Theses
STFBL Bodleian Staff Library
STFPE Periodicals
SYSBL Systems Team Library
TAYBL Taylor Institution Library
TAYBB Basement Slavonic Oversize LC
TAYBC Basement Celtic LC Class
TAYBM Basement Slavonic Periodicals
TAYBO Basement Celtic Oversize LC
TAYBQ Basement Oversize Old Class
TAYBR Rare Books Room
TAYBS Basement Slavonic & Greek LC
TAYBT Basement
TAYBU Basement Slavonic Undergraduate LC
TAYBV Basement Slavonic Undergraduate Oversize LC
TAYBW Basement Slavonic Undergraduate Old Class
TAYGR Greek Reading Room (Room 10B)
TAYLA Teaching Collection Audio-Visual
TAYLB Teaching Collection Books
TAYLD Teaching Collection Staff Desk
TAYLI Linguistics Collection
TAYLN Teaching Collection Periodicals
TAYLO Linguistics Oversize LC
TAYLR Teaching Collection Reference
TAYLV Teaching Collection Oversize
TAYMS Main Stack LC Classification
TAYOB Oriental Institute Library Basement
TAYOV Oversize LC Classification
TAYSL Short loan collection
TAYSP Slavonic Reading Room (Room 3) Periodicals
TAYSR Slavonic Reading Room (Room 3) Reference LC
TAYSS Slavonic Reading Room (Room 3) Old Class
TAYCD Taylor Inst Main Desk
VHLBL Vere Harmsworth Library
WELBL History of Medicine Library
WELAQ Antiquarian Cabinet
WELLC LCC Main Library
WELQR Quick Reference
ZOOBL Alexander Library
CAM50 Campion Hall
CAMCL Campion Hall Library
CAMAL Art Library
CAMAR Archive
CAMBA Basement
CAMCR Clarke Room
CAMLR Lecture Room
CAMML Main Library
CAMOF Office
CAR50 Careers Service
CARDL Careers Service Res Centre
CAT50 St Catherine's College
CATCL St Catherine's Coll Library
CATBK Bookcase
CATNS North Seminar Room
CATST Book Store
CCC50 Corpus Christi College
CCCCL Corpus Christi Coll Library
CCCAR Archives
CCCBR Bridges Collection
CCCHO Hodgson Collection
CCCLO Library Office
CCCPE Periodicals
CCCRA Rare Books Collection
CCCRF Reference
CHC50 Christ Church
CHCCL Christ Church Library
CHCAL Allestree
CHCAR Archives
CHCBC Basement Special Collection
CHCBS Basement
CHCLC Library of Congress Sequence
CHCLW Law Library
CHCMO Morris Room
CHCPG Picture Gallery
CHCSC Special Collections
CHCSO Staff Office
CHCUL Upper Library
CMS50 Oxford Centre for Mission Studies
CMSNU Mission Studies Library
COM50 Computing Laboratory
COMDL Computer Science Library
COMJN Journals
COMNA Numerical Analysis Group
COMPR Programming Research Group
COMSL Short Loan Books
COMTR Technical Reports
COS50 Oxfordshire History Centre
COSNU Oxfordshire History Centre
OHCCC CC Cuttings, classified (strongroom)
OHCCN CN Cuttings, North Berks (strongroom)
OHCCO CO Cuttings, ORCC (strongroom)
OHCER ER Electronic resource
OHCHA HA Health Archive (strongroom)
OHCHO HO Holton (off-site)
OHCMC MC Map cabinets (strongroom)
OHCMR MR Microforms Room (strongroom)
OHCOG OG Genealogy (open access)
OHCOM OM Microforms (open access)
OHCOR OR Research methods (open access)
OHCOT OT Transcripts (open access)
OHCOV OV Octavo (open access)
OHCOZ OZ Oversize (open access)
OHCPA PA Pamphlets (strongroom)
OHCPC PC Posters (strongroom)
OHCPZ PZ Pamphlets oversize (strongroom)
OHCSB SB Stack box shelving (strongroom)
OHCSF SF Stack folio (strongroom)
OHCSV SV Stack octavo (strongroom)
OHCSW SW Staff Workroom
OHCSX SX Stack Genealogy octavo (strongroom)
OHCSY SY Stack Genealogy oversize (strongroom)
OHCSZ SZ Stack oversize (strongroom)
OHCTH TH Town Hall (off-site)
OHCVT VT Video recordings (strongroom)
OHCWS WS Westgate Strongroom (off-site)
DOM50 Department of Materials
DOMDL Dept of Materials Library
DOMCA Closed Access
DOMFL On Faculty loan
DOMLO Librarian's Office
DOMRM Room F11
EAR50 Earth Sciences
EARDL Earth Sciences Library
EARAN Annexe
EARBA Basement
EARBR Bowman Room
EARCC Confined Cupboard
EAREL Elementary Lab
EARML Main Library
EARMN Mineralogy Lab
EAROP Optics Lab
EARRL Reprint Library
ENG50 Engineering
ENGDL Engineering Science Library
ENGGR General Reference
ENGMS Management Studies
ENGUL Undergraduate Lending Collection
ENGUR Undergraduate Reference Collection
EXE50 Exeter College
EXECL Exeter College Library
EXECQ Cohen Quad Reading Room
EXEED Edersheim Collection
EXELB Lower Bursary
EXELO Librarian's Office
EXELS Library Staff Desk
EXEQR Quarrell Room
EXESA Stack Alumni
EXESR Strong Room
GTC50 Green Templeton College Library
GTCCL Green Templeton Coll Library
GTCEM EMS Collection
GTCHC HEXI Collection
GTCNG Norham Gardens
GTCPR Praxis Collection
HER50 Hertford College
HERCL Hertford College Library
HIN50 Centre for Vaishnava and Hindu Studies
HINNU Hindu Studies Library
HMC50 Harris Manchester College
HMCCL Harris Manchester College Lib
HMCCA Carpenter Library
HMCLC Tate Library, Library of Congress Classification
HMCLO Library office
HMCTL Tate Library
HSC50 Pauling Centre for Human Sciences
HSCDL Human Sciences Library
HUG50 St Hugh's College
HUGCL St Hugh's College Library
HUGOF Library Office
HUGRB Rare Book Section
ICL50 Instituto Camoes
ICLNU Instituto Camoes Library
IES50 Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
IESNU Institute for Energy Studies Library
IESLL Lower Level
IESSU Storage Unit
IESUL Upper Level
ISL50 Centre for Islamic Studies
ISLNU Islamic Studies Library
ISLSC Special Collections
JES50 Jesus College
JESCL Jesus College Library
JESAR Archives
JESCE Celtic Library
JESFL Fellows' Library
JESLO Librarian's Office
JESMG Lower Meyricke Library Gallery
JESML Lower Meyricke Library
JESMU Upper Meyricke Library
JESMY Upper Meyricke Library Gallery
JESOS Organ Studies Library
JESPE Periodicals Room
JESSR Attic: ask staff
KEB50 Keble College
KEBCL Keble College Library
KEBLO Library Office
KEBSC Special Collections
KEL50 Kellogg College Library
KELCL Kellogg College Library
LAN50 Language Centre
LANDL Language Centre Library
LANAR Archive
LANLM Oxford LAMBDA Project
LANLO Librarian's Office
LANSR Storage and recording room
LANTR Teachers' resource room
LCR50 Linacre College
LCRCL Linacre College Library
LIN50 Lincoln College
LINCL Lincoln College Library
LINAR Archive
LINCO Corridor
LINSL Senior Library
LINSR Strong Room
LINWR Wesley Room
LMH50 Lady Margaret Hall
LMHCL Lady Margaret Hall Library
LMHBR Briggs Room
LMHCE Locked cupboard East
LMHCM Locked cupboard Main
LMHCW Locked cupboard West
LMHDF Downstairs Floor
LMHEF Entrance Floor
LMHGF Gallery Floor
LMHLL Law Library
LMHLO Librarian's Office
LMHLS Locked Stack
LMHPM Principal's Meeting Room
MAG50 Magdalen College
MAGCH Magdalen Coll Chantry Library
MAGCL Magdalen College Library
MAGDA Daubeny Library
MAGHF Holywell Ford
MAGLA Limited Access
MAGLW Denning Law Library
MAGMC McFarlane Library
MAGNW Longwall Library
MAGOL Old Library
MAT50 Mathematical Institute
MATDL Mathematical Inst Library
MATDA Dartington Annexe
MEC50 Middle East Centre
MECDL Middle East Centre Library
MEC02 Room 2
MEC15 Room 15
MECRE Reading Room
MER50 Merton College
MERCL Merton College Library
MERBS Bookstack
MEROW Old Warden's Lodgings
MERRA Restricted Access
MERSB Small Bookstack
MFO50 Maison Francaise
MFONU Maison Francaise Library
MFOBS Basement
MHS50 Museum of the History of Science
MHSDL Museum of Hist of Sci Library
MHSEC Evans Collection
MHSOP Open Shelf
MNS50 Mansfield College
MNSCL Mansfield College Library
MNSGA Gallery
MNSHF History Fellow's Office
MNSLL Law and History Reading Room
MNSLO Library Office
MNSML Main Library
MNSPP PPE Reading Room
MNSSC Special Collections
MNSTL Theology Reading Room
NEW50 New College
NEWCL New College Library
NEWCR Classics Room
NEWGS Group Study Room
NEWLW Law Library
NEWRA Restricted Access
NUF50 Nuffield College
NUFCL Nuffield College Library
NUFEX Extension
NUFTC Tower closed access
NUFTO Tower open access
OII50 Oxford Internet Institute
OIIDL Oxford Internet Inst Library
OIIRF Reference
OLI50 Centre for Teaching & Learning
OLIDL Centre for Teaching & Learning
ORL50 Oriel College
ORLCL Oriel College Library
ORLLS Lower Stack
ORLSL Senior Library
ORLUS Upper Stack
OUM50 University Museum of Natural History
OUMDL Museum of Nat Hist Library
OUMAG Arkell Geological Collections
OUMHL Hope Library (Entomology)
OUMMC Mineralogical Collections
OUMZC Zoological Collections
OUS50 Oxford Union Society
OUSNU Oxford Union Society Library
OUSCS Closed Stack
OUSGL Goodman Library
OUSGR Gladstone Room
OUSLR Library Reception
OUSMR Morris Room
OUSOL Old Library
OUSPO President's Office
OUSPR Poetry Room
OUSUL Upper Landing
PEM50 Pembroke College
PEMCL Pembroke College Library
PEMCL Closed access stack
PEMLO Library Office
PEMRB Rare book room
PEMSR Seminar Room
PEMUR Upper reading room
PHL50 Pusey House
PHLNU Pusey House Library
PHLLL Lower Library
PHLUL Upper Library
QUE50 Queen's College
QUECL Queen's College Library
QUEAO Aldridge's Office
QUEBU Buckley
QUECR Crowther
QUEGS Centre for Galician Studies Library
QUEHC Historical Collections Reading Room
QUEHR Harmsworth Collection
QUELO Librarian's Office
QUEMC Manuscripts Cupboard
QUEMP Multi-Purpose Room
QUEPL Peet Library
QUEQA Queen's Authors
QUERC Reserve collection
QUERF Reference collection
QUETO Taylor's Office
QUEUL Upper Library
REG50 Regent's Park College
REGCL Regent's Park College Library
REGAN Angus Library
REGBM Baptist Missionary Society collection
REGDN David Nicholls Collection
RUS50 Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
RUSDL Ruskin School Library
RUSBR Bullingdon Road Studio
RUSJS Journals
RUSRF Reference Library
SEH50 St Edmund Hall
SEHCL St Edmund Hall Library
SEHAU Aularian Collection
SEHFL Fellows' Library
SEHLO Library Office
SEHOL Old Library
SEHPM Pamphlets
SOM50 Somerville College
SOMCL Somerville College Library
SOMAS Ask staff
SOMCS Closed stack
SPC50 St Peter's College
SPCCL St Peter's College Library
SPCBK Bookstack
SPCIP Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre
SPCLL Lower Library
SPCLO Library Office
SPCLW Law Library
SPCML Main Library
SPCPC Pamphlet Collection
SPCPE Periodicals
SPCWM Wulstan Music Collection
SSH50 St Stephen's House
SSHCL St Stephen's House Library
SSHIN Inner Office
SSHLO Library Office
SSHML Main Library
STA50 Statistics
STADL Statistics Library
STB50 St Benet's Hall
STBCL St Benet's Hall Library
STBNG Norham Gardens
STJ50 St John's College
STJCL St John's College Library
STJAE A.E. Housman collection
STJBT Bulmer-Thomas collection
STJHC Catling collection
STJRG Robert Graves library
STX50 St Cross College
STXCL St Cross College Library
STXJC James Currey collection
TRI50 Trinity College
TRICL Trinity College Library
TRIAR Archive
TRIOL Old Library
UNV50 University College
UNVCL University College Library
UNVLO Office
WAD50 Wadham College
WADCL Wadham College Library
WADDR Discussion Room
WADGC Graduate Centre
WADPC Persian Studies Section
WADSL Sarah Lawrence College
WADST Closed Access
WADWL Warden's Lodgings
WOL50 Wolfson College
WOLCL Wolfson College Library
WOLAW Academic Wing Reading Room
WOLFL Floersheimer
WOLHM Hornik Memorial
WOLJR Jessup Room
WOLRF Reference Section
WOR50 Worcester College
WORCL Worcester College Library
WORBS Beaumont Street
WOREL Eland Collection
WORLO Library Office
WORLW Law Library
WOROL Old Library
WORSC Special Collections
WORUL Upper Library
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