Overview of Digital Services

The Bodleian Digital Library Systems and Services (BDLSS) provides a variety of digital services for students, researchers and staff of the University of Oxford. To learn more about any of the services listed below, please select a service from the menu at the left.

Data archiving

ORA-Data, Oxford's archival store for digital research data, provides a local long-term data repository for academics who are not able or do not wish to deposit their data elsewhere.

Digital discovery services

BDLSS supports SOLO, the principal library catalogue and search interface for the Bodleian Libraries, in addition to providing platforms and interfaces for the University's large collection of scholarly electronic resources.

Digital scholarship services

BDLSS has developed several tools to facilitate the storage and presentation of scholarly work, including the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) (including item record enhancement for open access compliance), the Open Access Oxford initiative, and ORA-Data.

Digitization services

The Bodleian Libraries are currently developing a set of digitization services that will facilitate and streamline online access to digital images of our collections.

Text technology and editing services

The Digital Editing Team has a wealth of editorial experience in humanities-based encoding projects, and offers consultancy and support services for anyone wishing to create a full-text digital resource.

Digital engineering services

BDLSS works closely with members of the University to provide a range of support services for research, including project management, digital engineering, and consultancy.

Project consulting

BDLSS can advise on a variety of aspects of digital library and knowledge project work, including project design, technical development, and resource description and discovery.

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