Section Heads

Chief of Digital Operations: Andrew Bonnie, (01865) 283819,

Head of Service Delivery: James Dodd, (01865) 280034,

Head of Digital Research: Judith Siefring, (01865) 283841,



Bodleian Libraries
Osney One Building
Osney Mead

Fax: (01865) 204937

Osney One Reception: (01865) 277600

IT Helpline: (01865) 280020,


Staff Details

Name Title Email
Richard ALLEN Software Engineer 83859
Bhavana ANANDA Software Engineer 80584
Joanna BEK Digitization Assistant 80035
Andrew BONNIE Chief of Digital Operations


Karlene BROOK BDLSS Administrator 83825
Sara BURNELL Digital Support Librarian 80581
Calvin BUTCHER Senior Software Engineer 83843
James DODD Head of Service Delivery 80034
Katherine FERGUSON Digital Support Engineer 80037
Chris HARGREAVES Systems Librarian 80585
Bram HAUER Systems Administrator 83852

Alexander HITCHMAN

Digital Metadata Analyst  83852
Andrew IRVING  Senior Systems Architect  TBC 
Lily KILLASPY Change Manager TBC
Sebastian LANGE  Software Engineer  TBC 
Thaddeus LIPINSKI Web Application Developer 80036
Rebecca LUCKRAFT Digital Support Engineer 83815
Andy MACKINNON Digital Support Engineer 80582
Mel MASON Software Engineer 80031
Wendy MAULE Digital Project Manager 80042
Simon MCLEISH Resource Discovery Architect 83818
James MOONEY Digital Preservation Specialist - Technical Officer 83823
Andrew MORRISON Software Engineer 80580
Katherine RECARD Software Engineer 80585
Mark ROGERSON Technical Lead for Electronic Enlightenment  
Nathalie SCHULZ Systems Librarian 80586
Judith SIEFRING Head of Digital Research 83841
Ben SMITH Software Engineer
Niki SULEKOVA Projector Administrator 83809
Matt THORPE Systems Administrator 80027
David TOMKINS Curator of Digital Research Data 87131
Ruth TURVEY Digital Project Manager  
Kingsley UGWU Digital Project 80027
Tom WROBEL Software Engineer 77608

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