Why can't I access a book or journal outside a Bodleian Libraries Reading Room?

Why can't I access an electronic book or journal outside a Bodleian Libraries Reading Room?

When searching SOLO, you may come across items which have the message **Online access is restricted to library computers in any of the Bodleian Libraries**.

These are items which the Bodleian Libraries receive under electronic Legal Deposit (eLD) laws. These laws require UK publishers to supply the library with a free copy of their publications either as a paper or electronic copy. When material is deposited in electronic format it is subject to a number of restrictions:

  • It may only be read using Bodleian Libraries' computers
  • It may only be read by one person at a time
  • Digital copying including saving and copying and pasting is forbidden
You will not be able to access eLD material at home, in College or in your department even if you use your single-sign password. These restrictions are laid down in the Legal Deposit Act 2003 and are not rules created by the library.

If you find restricted items when searching for reading list items, you will probably be able to find a more easily accessible version.  Search SOLO again and look carefully through your search results. Look for alternative versions of the same book or journal title which do not have the 'online access is restricted' notice.   

Alternatively, if the item is a journal article, click the green, 'How else can I get this?' link at the bottom of the record. This will give you links to alternative sources for the item.

A screenshot showing a record for an eLD item

If you cannot find an alternative version to the eLD copy, please ask for help from staff in any of the Bodleian Libraries.