What passwords do I need?

You will need two passwords to use the full range of library services: your Oxford Single Sign On (SSO) and your Bodleian Libraries username and password.  If you wish to connect to the Eduroam WiFi network you will also need a Remote Access username and password.

Oxford Single Sign On (SSO)

You will need your SSO to log on to SOLO to:

  • order items from closed stacks
  • place reservations on items out on loan
  • renew your books
  • access the full range of e-books and e-journals 
  • access e-books and e-journals when you are away from Oxford 

See: 'Finding and borrowing' for more information on using SOLO. 

Your SSO is the username and password you use to access your University email. The username is nearly always in the format abcd1234, with the four letter code denoting your college.

If you have forgotten your SSO or need help with it, please see the IT Services Oxford username website.

Bodleian Libraries username and password

You will need your Bodleian Libraries username and password to:

Remote Access username and password (for Eduroam)

If you wish to connect to the Eduroam WiFi network you will need to register for a 'remote access' username and password.

 To set up your remote access username and password:
  1. Visit the remote access registration page 
  2. Sign in with your SSO
  3. Click 'register for a remote account account'
  4. Your remote access username will be the same as your SSO username but when you use it to connect to Eduroam WiFi you will need to add @ox.ac.uk (e.g. abcd1234@ox.ac.uk)
  5. Enter a password of your choice