Copyright licences

The University has the following collective copyright licences:

  • Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA)
  • Newspaper Licensing Agency (NLA)
  • Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

These licences allow authorised users to make limited copies of entire classes of copyright work.

If you have any questions about the use of any of these licences or how they relate to copyright law please contact the copyright team at the Bodleian Libraries:

The Copyright Licensing Agency Licence

The University of Oxford has been selected by the CLA for a Data Collection Exercise. If you make photocopies under the CLA licence from January to March 2024, you will need to report these via the online form. Find out more about the CLA Data Collection Exercise


CLA Licence for the University of Oxford

The University holds a licence with the Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) which, within specified limits, permits the copying and sharing of copyright material for teaching purposes. It is important that you protect yourself, your department, and the University from copyright infringement liability. The following download guides provide a summary of tasks and roles:

If at any time you have any queries about the licence and its operation, please contact your college, departmental or library CLA Licence contact in the first instance or email

Reporting copies

All digital/scanned copies made for teaching purposes must be reported to the CLA.

A report of all scans made between 1 June 2023 and 31 May 2024 should be sent to the University’s Licence Co-ordinator at by 1 June 2024.

Please note, if your scans are hosted on ORLO (Oxford Reading Lists Online) there is no need to send a separate submission. ORLO will automatically generate a list that the University's Licence Co-ordinator will edit and send to the CLA.

CLA resources

Copyright cover sheets

Educational Recording Agency (ERA)

The ERA licence allows non-profit making educational establishments to record copyrighted protected material produced by its members. A licence is needed to use recordings of programmes as educational resources.

The ERA licence covers all free-to-air (i.e. not encoded or pay-per-view) broadcasts on BBC television and radio, ITV Network services, Channel Four and E4, Five television and S4C. Broadcasts over the internet which are offered at fixed times can also be recorded under the scheme.

The ERA licence underpins the legal access to the Box of Broadcasts service, which provides online access to a vast array of broadcast content.

Additional copies can be made for educational use. The ERA licence does not cover the copying of pre-recorded videos, audio tapes, DVDs or CDs.

All recordings made under the licence must be properly labelled. This should include the date (when the recording was made), the name of the broadcaster, the programme title and the wording 'This recording is to be used only for educational and non-commercial purposes under the terms of the ERA Licence'.

Oxford University’s licence number is D225.

Further information can be found on ERA’s website.

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