The Curators of the University Libraries are responsible to the University for ensuring that provision is made for the University's library and information requirements for teaching and research and for ensuring that the University's major research libraries are maintained as a national and international scholarly resource.

Bodley's Librarian, Richard Ovenden, together with the Bodleian Libraries' Round Table, is responsible for managing the Bodleian Libraries on their behalf and, together with the Bodleian Libraries' Executive, provides strategic direction for the development and management of library and information services. These are the library services management pages. For overall governance and policy, see the Curators of the University Libraries pages.

Bodleian Libraries are administered in functional groups. The administrative arrangements are explained in these pages.

Senior management committees

The senior management committees for the Bodleian Libraries are:

  • Executive, comprising the Librarian and Deputy, Associate Directors, and the Chief Operating Officer.
  • Round Table, comprising the Executive, the Heads of Subject Areas, Keeper of Special Collections, and other senior staff members.
  • Council of Management, a consultative group including Cabinet and heads of other departments and sections.
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