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Cataloguing the Oxfam archive

The cataloguing of the Oxfam archive is being approached in three 18-month phases, with a tranche of the archive becoming available to researchers at the completion of each stage. The entire historic archive will become available to researchers in June 2017.

See the blog posts of the project team to get a glimpse of what is in the archive.

Material now available

As a result of the first phase of the cataloguing project, we are pleased to make the following catalogues available:

For all enquiries please email

Cataloguing project schedule

Work on materials is progressing as follows: 

Phase 1, Jan 2013 - Jun 2014

Key series of programme policy & management records including

  • minutes and related papers of the senior committees directing Oxfam's programme, such as the Overseas Aid and Field Committees
  • International (formerly Overseas) Division Directorate correspondence and reports
  • records of the Policy Department and its predecessors

Programme administration and operations records: India 'project files' recording grant support to partners for long term development and work in humanitarian emergencies, e.g. response to natural disasters and aid to refugees and displaced people, c.1960-2003

Publicity materials including

  • records of communications, both internal, e.g. Communications Directorate files, bulletins; and external, with supporters and the public, e.g. press releases, newsletters
  • campaigns materials and related correspondence
  • photographs, 1940s-1980s

Phase 2, Jul 2014 - Dec 2015

Key series of programme administration and operations records including

  • Humanitarian Department correspondence and reports, including records of the Public Health and Technical Units
  • correspondence and programme reports generated by the administration in Oxford (in particular the area 'Desks')
  • 'project files' as described in Phase 1 above, for various countries, c.1960-2003

Publicity materials including

  • records of fundraising and public appeals
  • photographs, c.1990-2005

Phase 3, Jan 2016 - Jun 2017

Programme administration and operations records: 'project files' as described in Phase 1 above, for various countries, c.1960-2003

Records of governance, e.g. minutes of meetings of Trustees and the Executive Committee

Records of corporate management, including Directorate correspondence

Records relating to

  • finance
  • publishing
  • trading activities and Fair Trade
  • Oxfam's role in development education

Video and audio materials and related files

Special collections: personal papers of prominent Oxfam staff and other items relating to Oxfam donated to the archive

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