Clay Sanskrit Library Project

Welcome to the Clay Sanskrit Library Project

The Collection

The Clay Sanskrit Library is a series of some 60 volumes of Sanskrit-English parallel texts that brings together diverse classics from the corpus of Classical Sanskrit literature. The volumes cover:

  • epic
  • drama
  • humour
  • philosophy
  • fables
  • poetry
and many other genres.

For a complete list of texts in the Clay Sanskrit Library, click here.

Project Objectives

This second phase of the Clay Sanskrit Library sets out to achieve the following goals:

  • Donate 50 complete sets of the Clay Sanskrit Library to academic and public libraries in North America, Europe and Asia for use in teaching and research. For more information, click here
  • Launch a website and range of Web 2.0 facilities promoting the collection and the importance of Sanskrit literature
  • Run Outreach projects with schools and practitioner communities to promote awareness of the collection and the relevance of Classical Indian literature to a modern audience
  • Run a series of workshops and masterclasses examining the texts and the work of translators
  • Hold a two-day academic conference with translators from the series presenting material on interesting aspects of the texts with which they worked

Project Team

The project is one of several projects taking place in Special Collections, headed by Richard Ovenden.

Contact details for the Clay Sanskrit Library Project team itself are below:

Mr Matt Kimberley
CSL Project Officer

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