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Welcome to the Clay Sanskrit Library Project

The Collection

The Clay Sanskrit Library is a series of some 60 volumes of Sanskrit-English parallel texts that brings together diverse classics from the corpus of Classical Sanskrit literature. The volumes cover:

  • epic
  • drama
  • humour
  • philosophy
  • fables
  • poetry
and many other genres.

For a complete list of texts in the Clay Sanskrit Library, click here.

Project Objectives

This second phase of the Clay Sanskrit Library sets out to achieve the following goals:

  • Publication of a compendium to lay before a wide readership the riches of Sanskrit literature as contained in the 56-volume Clay Sanskrit Library (CSL), in the context of the visual riches of the Bodleianís Indian collection, bringing out the inter-relationship between the two modes of expression
  • Run Outreach projects with schools and practitioner communities to promote awareness of the collection and the relevance of Classical Indian literature to a modern audience


Project Team

Contact details for the Clay Sanskrit Library Project team itself are below:

Dr Camillo Formigatti
The John Clay Sanskrit Librarian
Oriental Section
Bodleian Libraries
The Weston Library
Broad Street, Oxford OX1 3BG

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