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25 August 2015

The team behind Oxford University Research Archive (ORA) are planning for 'next generation ORA' and a project to undertake a market review of repository technology has just begun.

A significant element is to find out what different ORA users want and need from the system. Four focus groups have been arranged to gather feedback, requirements and ideas from researchers. Please email david.kay@sero.co.uk to book a place.

Wednesday 16 September - University Offices, Wellington Square (Meeting Room 1&2):
  1. 2-3.30pm Science & Medicine
  2. 3.30-5pm Humanities & Social Science
Tuesday 22 September - Radcliffe Science Library, Parks Road (The Hive):
  1. 10-11.30am Humanities & Social Science
  2. 11.30am-1pm Science & Medicine

The ORA Market Review project

Image of ORA homepageThe Bodleian Libraries is reviewing current systems and processes for the management of research data and publications. Currently the university has an institutional repository, the Oxford University Research Archive (ORA), to support the deposit, search, delivery and reuse of research publications and, more recently, research data. Sero Consulting Ltd have been engaged to undertake the review.


A key aspect is to understand how processes (such as deposit of articles and research data) can be made as straightforward as possible and how repository and data services can be tuned and positioned to bring maximum

benefit to all parties (for example, in terms of reach, reputation and ease of access).

The focus of the meetings will be on:

  • Maximising the visibility and citation of your research outputs;
  • Reducing the burden of research administration;
  • Understanding areas for improvement of current university processes; and
  • Identifying other opportunities to support your own processes and requirements.

Please contact David Kay david.kay@sero.co.uk to book a place, or visit openaccess.ox.ac.uk/ora-focus-groups/ for further information.

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