NEW from BODLEIAN PUBLISHING: The Art of Letter Writing

21 March 2014

Art of letter writingIn today’s world of electronic communication, the letter is regarded as a dying art. But there is nothing quite as personal as a hand-written missive delivered to your door. With over fifty examples of the perfect letter for all occasions, The Art of Letter Writing offers the ideal excuse to put pen to paper.

Written nearly 100 years ago by ‘A Society Lady’, this delightful book introduces readers to a variety of perfectly penned sample letters for different situations, with a specially-written section on love, courtship and marriage. Love letters range from proposals of marriage to settling lovers’ quarrels, with additional sections on invitations, letters of congratulation and applications for employment. To avoid etiquette pitfalls, the author also includes a set of helpful rules, such as when to use ‘My dear Sir’ rather than ‘Mr. Jones’, how best to close a letter according to how well you know the correspondent and how to begin and end a letter to persons of high rank.

Publishing in time for National Stationery Week (31 March - 6 April), The Art of Letter Writing is a charming book which provides a fascinating glimpse into the past for fans of all things vintage as well as the perfect introduction for anyone looking to take up the art of epistolary. So dust off your fountain pens and quills and begin writing!

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