The Bodleian Libraries complete major book moves

23 December 2011 

Bodleian Libraries book storage facilityThe Bodleian Libraries' major programme of book moves to consolidate the lesser used stock in the new Book Storage Facility in Swindon, opened just over one year ago, has completed on time with the reception of the final batches of material on 23 December. The project reached one more milestone on the last day with the shelving of the seven millionth book within the Facility.

Bodley's Librarian Sarah Thomas said, 'This has been an important year in the history of the Bodleian, and it has been an extraordinary success. We have tagged and moved all our books, relocated our staff, prepared the New Bodleian building for its redevelopment, opened new facilites for readers in the heart of Oxford and refreshed and developed our IT capabilities. Any one of these tasks would be a major undertaking for most libraries, but thanks to a superb team of dedicated staff we have accomplished them all simultaneously without any major interruption to our day-to-day services to readers either in the University or further afield. With our new storage facility at Swindon and renewed spaces for study in place or under development in the heart of Oxford, our readers can look forward to significant enhancements to our services in 2012 and beyond.'

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