New Equipment for Visually Impaired Students

22 March 2007


Ruth_and_MyReaderThe Bodleian Library has recently acquired the latest technology to assist visually impaired readers. MyReader from Humanware, the world’s first low vision auto-reader has been proven to enhance significantly the reading experience for people who are severely partially sighted. For the first time, visually impaired people can now read for long periods of time without the tiredness or sickness feeling associated with conventional CCTV’s.  Independent trials also show a dramatic improvement in the understanding and comprehension that a person using a myReader enjoys. 


Ruth Harris (pictured right), Disability Librarian for Oxford University Library Services, instantly recognised the benefits of myReader for someone who is partially sighted and needs to read a large amount of text.  ‘The difference between myReader and a traditional CCTV is amazing and it’s also amazingly simple to use. Our partially sighted students not only need to read lots of books but crucially they need to understand what they are reading and myReader provides that solution.’


The myReader is situated in the Radcliffe Camera. The equipment is portable and it can be folded and easily transported to a different site if required. For assistance, please contact Ruth Harris by e-mail:

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