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SOLO (Search Oxford Libraries Online) is the catalogue for the major collections of the libraries of the University of Oxford. It can be searched by anyone interested in the resources held by Oxford libraries. When signed on to SOLO, library members can also see additional information, such as the current availability of items, as well as place requests, view their account, and access online resources (appropriate to their membership type).

Latest news

16 September 2016: SOLO upgrade, new features

Citation trails
In Articles and More, you are now able to see links which allow you to go from an article to those which cite it or which are cited by it.

Ascending date sort
It is now possible to sort brief result lists by date in both descending (earliest first) and ascending (most recent first) directions.

26 January 2016: SOLO upgrade, new features

Library choice menu
When choosing a library from the drop down menu beside the search box, you can now start typing the name of the library to jump to the library you want.

Did you mean?
You are now given the option to hide 'Did you mean' suggestions. You can do this from the page footer or by clicking on the cross in the 'do not show again' message. The suggestions are turned off for the entire session, not just that search. You can re-enable the suggestions again by clicking the option in the footer.

Date Refine
New Date Refine boxes have now been made available with the refine options on the left hand side of the Brief Results screen.


The Bodleian Libraries are working to develop and improve the SOLO interface and services further. The SOLO User Group discusses user feedback and works with the technical team to identify areas for further development. We will keep users informed about developments to SOLO though library websites and news feeds.

Giving feedback and reporting issues

We are very keen to know what you think about SOLO, and encourage you to report any issues you come across. Please use the SOLO feedback options to get in touch. General feedback will be passed to the SOLO User Group for discussion. The systems team will address any technical problems reported.

Known issues with SOLO

There are various known issues with SOLO which are being worked on as part of the ongoing development. You may wish to look at the current known issues to clarify those issues of which we are already aware and working to resolve.

Future developments

The underlying software which powers SOLO continues to be actively developed. News of developments to SOLO will be published on this page as and when available.

How do I access SOLO?

SOLO is available at:

It is also linked from the Bodleian Libraries homepage, and is the home screen usually displayed on PCs and terminals in the libraries.

What if I need help?

Help with using SOLO is available in lots of different ways.

  • SOLO Live Help

    During core hours (usually Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm) help is available through the SOLO Live Help service, which enables users to talk directly to one of our support team for help with SOLO queries. This service can be accessed from the SOLO homepage.

  • Video tutorials

    These cover some of the main aspects of SOLO use and take you step-by-step through some of the key processes, showing you what to do at each stage. These tutorials can be found on the SOLO homepage.

  • SOLO LibGuide

    The online SOLO Libguide offers more detailed help, giving information on advanced use of SOLO, as well as covering the basics for those getting started. The SOLO Libguide also offers access to the SOLO video tutorials, and to a useful list of FAQs.

  • Other ways to get help

    Users may wish to contact the Ask an Oxford Librarian service for help, especially when the SOLO Live Help service is unstaffed. Help is also available from staff in the libraries.

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