Using online library resources away from Oxford

Using online library resources away from Oxford

Single Sign-On

Oxford University members can remotely access e-journals, e-books and other online resources by using their Oxford Single Sign-On (SSO)

Go to SOLO (the University’s Resource Discovery Tool), sign in with your SSO and carry out your search. 

If you are searching online away from SOLO and find you are being asked to pay for access, try accessing the e-resource through SOLO with your Single Sign-On. There is a good chance the Bodleian Libraries subscribe to the resource already. If you cannot find the resource via SOLO, get in touch with us.

If you are searching using Google Scholar, enable Find it @ Oxford links by going to Settings > Library links. Search for and save ‘University of Oxford’ then you will see Find it @ Oxford links next to some of your results. Use your SSO when prompted.

Virtual Private Network

Remote access to a small number of e-resources requires the University’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Using the VPN also provides more streamlined access to other online library resources. You will notice fewer prompts to log in using your SSO and you will encounter less prompts to pay for access.


For any issues please contact or use the library live chat service which is available on SOLO during core hours.

Terms and conditions

Use of the e-resources, e-journals and e-books is governed strictly by licence agreements.


  • These online resources may be used for study and research but NOT for commercial purposes
  • You may NOT share your password or pass content from these resources to anyone else
  • Systematic downloading or viewing of excessive amounts of data is strictly forbidden

Failure to comply may result in:

  • Referral to the University Proctors
  • Publishers withdrawing content from the whole university

Entitlements: who can access online library resources?

Individuals who have been given a secure authentication login (Single Sign-on) by the University of Oxford AND who are one of the following user-types ('Authorised Users') may use the Bodleian Libraries resources for non-commercial purposes:

  • a current student of the University of Oxford;
  • a member of University of Oxford staff (including retired members in receipt of a University pension);
  • a contractor / supplier of the University of Oxford; or
  • an alumnus of the University (limited access).

A full list noting University card entitlements can be found on chart 3 on IT Services' Card and IT service entitlements page.

Readers not eligible to access licensed material remotely

Any individual who is a registered user of the Libraries but does not meet the criteria for being an Authorised User (see above) is known as a 'Walk-in User' for licensing purposes. Walk-in Users can access online licensed resources for non-commercial purposes on Libraries premises but NOT remotely.


A small number of resources have different, specific licence conditions. If in any doubt, please ask a member of staff in one of the Bodleian Libraries. Contact us

Options for readers not eligible for remote access to licensed material

If your reader's card does not allow you remote access to licensed material there are a few options to explore:

1. Check that you have the correct reader's card to which you are entitled

2. Access e-resources as an Alumni of Oxford University 

3. Visit one of the Bodleian Libraries in person with your Bodleian card.

If you have any concerns or would like more information please email

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