Bodleian Incunable Catalogue

A Catalogue of Books Printed in the Fifteenth Century now in the Bodleian Library, Oxford, by Alan Coates, Kristian Jensen, Cristina Dondi, Bettina Wagner, and Helen Dixon, with the assistance of Carolinne White and Elizabeth Mathew; blockbooks, woodcuts and metalcut single sheets by Nigel F. Palmer; an inventory of Hebrew incunabula by Silke Schaeper (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005); 3088 pages, 6 volumes. Copies of the catalogue available for consultation in Oxford libraries may be found on SOLO.

For publisher’s information about the catalogue, or to purchase a copy, please see OUP’s webpage.

Front matter, Introduction

Volume 1: Blockbooks and single-sheet xylographic and metalcut prints

Link to digital facsimiles of the Bodleian's early blockbooks and single-leaf prints

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Volume 1: Authors -- A

Volume 2: Authors -- B 

Volume 2: Authors -- C

Volume 3: Authors -- D

Volume 3: Authors -- E

Volume 3: Authors -- F

Volume 3: Authors -- G

Volume 3: Authors -- H

Volume 4: Authors -- I-J

Volume 4: Authors -- K-L

Volume 4: Authors -- M

Volume 4: Authors -- N

Volume 4: Authors -- O

Volume 5: Authors -- P-Q

Volume 5: Authors -- R

Volume 5: Authors -- S

Volume 6: Authors -- T

Volume 6: Authors -- U-V

Volume 6: Authors -- W-Z

Volume 6: Hebrew incunabula

Index of Authors

Index of Printers

Index of Provenances

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