Facts and figures

The New Bodleian Library 

  • 3.5 million: Number of items housed in the New Bodleian before it closed
  • 11 storeys in the New Bodleian
  • 3: Number of underground storeys
  • 1946: The year the building was opened
  • 2003: The year the building was accorded Grade II Listed building status
  • 70: The number of years the New Bodleian Library served its readers
  • 45m: Length of popular A-Z display boards wrapped around construction site
  • 21 armorial shields of famous figures including Duke Humfrey adorn the outside walls

Redevelopment: The Demolition 

  • 6,500 tonnes of concrete
  • 80 tonnes of asbestos 
  • 1,000 tonnes of steel
  • 260 tonnes of general waste 
  • 140 tonnes of salvaged stone
  • 81 km of shelving removed from the stacks
  • 3 km of shelving removed from the reading rooms and the office 
  • 170,000 man hours so far
  • 12 months: the length of the demolition phase 
  • 120 feet: the height of the crane which towered over the building 
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