Bodleian Libraries digital policies: DOI assignment

This policy governs the criteria for assignment by the Bodleian Libraries of DOIs (Digital Object Identifier) to research data produced by members of the University of Oxford. The University of Oxford 'Policy on the management of research data and records' defines research data as 'recorded information (regardless of the form or the media in which they may exist) necessary to support or validate a research project's observations, findings or outputs'.

  1. Introduction

A DOI is intended to be a persistent, unique identifier for digital objects. The DOI system is managed by the International DOI Foundation. Permission for an institution such as Oxford to 'mint' and assign DOIs has to be approved by a DOI Registration Agency. In the case of datasets in the UK, the agency is the British Library acting on behalf of the DataCite organisation. Bodleian Libraries are permitted, on behalf of the University of Oxford, to assign DOIs for datasets at the University of Oxford. Bodleian Libraries take responsibility for ensuring compliance with the DataCite terms and conditions as specified in the 'DOI allocation agreement between the British Library Board and the Chancellor, Masters and Scholars of the University of Oxford'.

NOTE: DOIs are commonly used as identifiers for digital objects, however they are not the only type of identifier in use. The Bodleian Libraries automatically assign an internal unique identifier (UUID) for every digital object held in their digital systems, in addition to DOIs and other identifiers.

  1. Eligible items

  • The Bodleian Libraries are permitted to assign DOIs to research data. This does not include publication-like items such as articles, books, reports or similar items. The British Library has not clarified whether or not DOIs can be assigned to non-digital data (physical objects). Details of the coverage of the DOI agencies, including DataCite, can be found on the DOI website.
  • All Oxford DOIs will resolve to a freely available item record page in ORA-Data, the University's online research data archive. ORA-Data is managed and maintained by the Bodleian Libraries.

  1. Versions

All new versions of datasets in ORA-Data will be assigned new DOIs. Version numbers are indicated within the Oxford DOI syntax.

  1. Location of research data

a) ORA-Data

Datasets deposited in ORA-Data can be assigned a DOI if requested by the data owner. This includes embargoed data that have a freely available record.

b) Other internal Oxford data repositories

If data owners choose to deposit data in other University of Oxford owned and maintained data stores and require a DOI, they should contact the Bodleian Libraries to discuss individual arrangements. See checklists in Appendix 1 and Appendix 2. Data archives will be expected to provide assurance of compliance with the terms of the DataCite contract.

c) External data repositories

Bodleian Libraries cannot assign DOIs to datasets stored in repositories not controlled by the University of Oxford. A record providing details of the dataset including its location and DOI assigned by another issuer should be deposited and displayed in ORA-Data.

  1. Charges

Oxford University's DataCite subscription is managed by the Bodleian Libraries on behalf of the University. A charge is incurred to the University for DataCite membership and for minting DOIs. A charge is made by the Bodleian Libraries for assigning a DOI to a dataset. Charges are included in the ORA-Data charging model (currently in preparation).

  1. Governance

  1. Relationship with existing policies

This policy will operate in conjunction with other University policies.

Information about research data matters, can be found at the University of Oxford Research Data website.

    1. Contact

    Sally Rumsey, Bodleian Libraries of the University of Oxford.

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