Click & Collect

What is Click & Collect?

Click & Collect is designed to enable access to the Bodleian Libraries' lending collections while usual borrowing procedures are suspended due to the restrictions on access to library sites.

Borrowers will be able to place requests on SOLO for items which would usually be available to borrow. Library staff will fetch the items requested and, once the items are ready for collection, borrowers will be emailed to invite them to select a date and time to collect the items.

The safety of staff and readers is paramount in the design of the service; limitations will apply on which libraries are able to participate and when.

Which libraries offer Click & Collect?

All lending libraries including those whose reading rooms are temporarily closed are now offering Click & Collect with the exception of:

The Click & Collect option will not appear on SOLO for items in libraries which have not yet joined the service.

Who will be eligible to use Click & Collect?

All readers who are permitted to borrow from the Bodleian Libraries, ie full members of the University, will be able to place Click & Collect requests for items in any library which offers the service.

Bodleian Libraries Cardholders who are not permitted to borrow are not eligible to use the Click & Collect service. 

Which books can I borrow through Click & Collect?

All items which are currently available to be borrowed from libraries from open shelf collections are eligible for Click & Collect, according to the Circulation Policy of the individual library.

Books received under the Legal Deposit system, and other collections designated for library use only are not eligible for borrowing. Libraries may wish to retain some items to create scanned digital content as part of the LibraryScan service.

Items supplied on interlibrary loan from other institutions are not eligible for borrowing through Click & Collect. 

Readers continue to be encouraged to use ebooks as an alternative to printed copies where these are available on SOLO, in order to mitigate the demands on the Click & Collect service.

How do I use Click & Collect?

  • Sign in to SOLO using your Single Sign-On. 
  • Search SOLO in the usual way to locate the item you wish to borrow. You need to select a specific library from the list of Locations to see whether the item is available for Click & Collect

  • Click on the "Request" button to initiate your request. Note this button will not appear if:
    • you are not signed in to SOLO.
    • the chosen library is not participating in Click & Collect
    • the chosen item is not eligible for borrowing
  • The item will be fetched from the shelves by library staff within the next 1-3 working days
  • Once the item has been fetched, you will receive a notification email
  • The email will contain a link to a bookings page where you can select a specific date and time for collection
  • You only need to book one collection to collect multiple items from a single library. You need to book separate collection times to collect books from multiple libraries.

How many requests can I make?

Limits on number of loans per library remain in place according to the Circulation Policy of each library. Please do not request more items than you are normally able to borrow. You can return books belonging to a particular library at the same time as collecting new books in order to keep within your borrowing allowance for that library.

Can I request a book which is currently on loan to someone else?

If a book is on loan to another reader, you will see the "Due Date" displayed on SOLO in place of the status "Available".

These items are eligible for Click & Collect, but bear in mind that the existing borrower is not required to return the item before the stated due date. On arrangement, the library owning the book may contact the reader inviting them to return the item early.

How long does it take?

After you have placed your request on SOLO, your chosen items will need to be fetched from the shelves by library staff. This will happen within 1-3 working days of placing the request. 

Once the item is fetched, you will receive a notification email inviting you to book a collection time. You may book the next available collection time shown on the booking page. Some booking slots may be unavailable if full; you will need to select a slot at dates and times which are still available.

Libraries will expect you to collect your items within a specific number of days: 3 days at the busiest libraries and 7 days at others. 

Why is it necessary to book a collection time?

Social distancing is required at all collection points to ensure continued safety of staff and readers. Booking of collection times allows libraries to manage the capacity of the service, ensuring the length of queues at collection points are well within safe limits according the the layout of library buildings.

Why are collection slots at some libraries longer than at others?

Some library sites have larger capacity to manage longer queues of readers than others. It is not necessary to arrive at the beginning of the stated collection slot.

Can I nominate someone else to collect items on my behalf? 

Yes, there is a free-text field on the booking form where you can nominate another person to collect items for you. Your nominee should bring photo ID when they come to collect the books at the chosen time,

I have concerns about the accessibility of the location for collecting items. What should I do?

Contact the individual library to make suitable arrangements for collection. See our Subjects & Libraries pages for details of individual libraries. 

What happens if I miss my chosen collection time?

Re-book a collection time using the link to the booking page in your Hold Notification Email.

What happens if I have booked a collection slot and want to request additional items?

Return to SOLO and place your additional requests. If you receive the Hold Notification email from a library where you have already booked a collection time, there is no need to book an additional collection time.

Can I return books I have borrowed previously at the same time I come to collect books?

Designated spaces will be available to return books at collection points, but only books belonging to that particular library. The exception is the Social Science Library at the Manor Road Building which is also a Returns Hub. Books belonging to libraries which are still closed should be returned to a Returns Hub.

Will a While-You-Wait service be offered in parallel to Click & Collect?

While-you-wait book fetches are not being offered at this time. Readers will be asked to place their requests online and advised of the likely timescales for fulfilling their requests. Verbal requests made by readers for additional items when they arrive at the collection points will be declined by staff.

What if libraries are required to close again?

In the instance that the national situation worsens and libraries are again closed to staff, the Click & Collect service would be suspended. The option to Hold any item via SOLO would again be suspended. Items which had been borrowed through the service will have their loan dates extended until a projected date when the library might be expected to open again for Returns of Loans.

For how long can I borrow the books? Can I still renew them? Will fines be charged on late items?

Most loan periods and renewals limits have returned to normal based on individual library policy, with some minor variations.

Fines for overdue items are currently suspended. Readers will be notified when they are reinstated.

See our loan returns page for details of how items can be returned currently. 

What should I bring with me when I come to collect my items?

  • Please bring your University Card (or alternatively another form of photo ID) when you come to collect the items. Note that you may be asked by staff for your University Card number.
  • If you have nominated someone to collect your books who is not a member of the University, they should bring photo ID with them.
  • All University buildings now require the wearing of face coverings, although the exemptions are widely recognised.

What should I expect when I arrive?

Floor markings and signage at and around the library will indicate where you should wait to collect your books or return them.

If there is a queue, please observe social distancing rules by remaining 2 metres behind the person in front, as indicated by signage and floor markings. 

Give your name to the member of staff on duty and present your University card. The staff member will go to retrieve your books and place them on a table before stepping away for you to pick them up.

Note that the library and some other areas of the building will generally remain closed. There is no guarantee that access to toilets or other facilities in the building will be permitted. 

Is it safe to collect library books and are they safe to use?

All items being returned to libraries are subject to an overnight quarantine period as a minimum.

Staff collecting items from the shelves and working at collection points are undertaking strict hand-washing protocols.

Staff are also observing social distancing protocols. Please keep at a 2m distance from staff at all times. 

How do I cancel or rearrange a collection time?

To cancel a request please contact the library from which you requested the item. See our Subjects & Libraries pages for details of individual libraries.

Who can I contact for help?

Either contact the individual library where you have placed your request or contact

See our Subjects & Libraries pages for details of individual libraries.

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