Fines and lost items


The Bodleian Libraries suspended fines for late returns in March 2020 and this policy will continue for the 2021–22 academic year. All existing fines relating to overdue items from the Bodleian Libraries have been cleared.    
Please continue to return items promptly to help others carry out their studies and research.
Replacement charges will still apply for lost, damaged, or defaced items.

Lost items

If an item you have borrowed from the Bodleian Libraries is lost, damaged or defaced, you may be required to pay a lost book charge.

You should report any lost or damaged items to the library that issued the loan. The library will send you an invoice to cover replacement costs, which will include processing and administration charges, and instructions on how to pay.

Manage your fines and charges

Fines will appear in ‘My SOLO’ under the ‘Fines + Fees’ tab.

Please note My SOLO does not include any fines currently accruing on books which are overdue and not yet returned.

Guide to using your SOLO account

Pay fines and charges

Fines can be paid in any Bodleian lending library by cash or cheque.

Libraries can accept payment for fines owed to other Bodleian Libraries.

You can pay fines on the Oxford University online store using a credit or debit card. The minimum online payment is £2.

Invoices for lost books should be paid by cash or cheque at the library from which the item was borrowed. Some libraries also allow payment through the University’s online store.

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