The majority of academic journals are available online in full-text. The printed journal is exactly replicated on the computer screen, and articles can be read online or printed out.

Electronic journals can be browsed in a similar way to their printed equivalents, by looking at the contents pages or individual issues, but they have the added advantage of being instantly searchable by a variety of access points (author, date, title and so on). They are available from your own computer.

Oxford University e-Journals is an electronic journals management system. It provides straightforward access to all the electronic journals subscribed to by Bodleian Libraries. Once you have located a journal, finding the issue and article you require is a straightforward process. The way in which you navigate each journal will differ according to its publisher or its host (i.e. the organisation which puts it on the Web, such as JSTOR, Project MUSE or Ingenta).

Oxford University e-Journals can be accessed from any networked computer in your college, faculty or library or via your laptop. If you are outside of the Oxford network, you will need to log on using your Oxford Single Sign-On login and follow the link to Oxford University e-Journals. Please refer to the Remote Access web page for further details.

For further help with accessing electronic journals, please do ask a member of staff for assistance.

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