Borrowing at PTFL

A librarian - sitting behind a computer at a desk - hands a book to a student standing behind the desk

Who may borrow?

The following readers may register to borrow from this library:

  • students and teachers of philosophy and theology at Oxford (undergraduates and taught postgraduates are automatically pre-registered)
  • other University students and staff who need to access the library's collections for academic purposes.

If you have borrowing rights, you will be able to borrow the majority of the books in the library. 

Borrowing allowances

To borrow a book, bring it with your University card to the library enquiry desk and a member of staff will issue it to you. You can also use the self-issue machine on ground floor.

Books on the New Books Display are restricted to a one-week borrowing period with 2 renewals regardless of user status.


Reader type Number of books Borrowing period Renewals
Undergraduates 16 1 week 2
Postgraduates (Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Theology and Religion) 24 1 week 4
Postgraduates from other faculties 16 1 week 2
Visiting and Continuing Education students 16 1 week 2
Academics 16 1 week 2
Academics (Faculty of Philosophy and Faculty of Theology and Religion) 24 1 term 5
Visiting academic 16 1 week 2
Privileged reader (undergraduate) 16 1 term 2
Privileged reader (postgraduate) 24 1 term 2
Non-academic University staff 5 1 week 2

Vacation loans

  • Vacation borrowing is available from Monday of 8th Week. Vacation loans will be due back on Tuesday of 1st Week.
  • All borrowers are eligible, except non-academic University staff.

Renew and return items


You may renew books in person at the library, by telephone, or via SOLO after logging into your account. Find out more about how to renew books online.  


Readers can return PTFL books at any time via the external drop box to the right of the main entrance of the Radcliffe Humanities Building. Items will not be checked in until the library reopens. Returns can also be made in person at the library helpdesk during opening hours.

Books you have borrowed are your responsibility until they are checked back into the library.

Fines and charges

Overdue books

Fines are currently suspended. Find out more about fines from the Bodleian Libraries.

You will incur a fine for any item not returned by its due date. The current fine for standard loans is 20p per day.

You can pay fines of £2 or more online with a debit or credit card. You can also pay at the library by cash or a cheque payable to ‘Oxford University Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library’, or post your cheque to the library’s address.

Lost books

If you cannot find a book, please contact library staff as soon as possible and continue searching for it. You will still receive automatic reminders and fines will accumulate until the book is returned. If the book is found, you will only need to pay a late book fine when it is checked in at the library.  

If after 2 weeks the book is not found and returned, you will receive an invoice to cover replacement costs: the replacement cost of the lost book plus a processing and administration charge of £11. There is a minimum standard £35 charge if the book is out of print. The invoice should be paid within 7 days. There will not be a late book fine. The library does not accept replacement books. You can pay online for a lost theology book or a lost philosophy book with a credit or debit card.