International Women's Day 2017

A Golden Age for Women in Philosophy?

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"It was clear that we were all more interested in understanding this deeply puzzling world than in putting each other down. That was how Elizabeth Anscombe, Philippa Foot, Iris Murdoch, Mary Warnock, and I, in our various ways, all came to think out alternatives to the brash, unreal style of philosophising - based essentially on logical positivism - that was current at the time. And these were the ideas that we later expressed in our own writings."

Mary Midgeley (The Guardian, Thursday 28th November 2013) 

Acknowledgements: Many thanks to Mrs Lesley Brown and to Somerville College, Oxford for their contribution to this exhibition.

Image above: Young Anscombe used under CC by SA 3.0, Clever hans at en.wikipedia


The Exhibition

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